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It's the economy (April 2009)

We continue on with our faithful aggregator of financial information, so as to track the developments in everyone's sudden fascination (or is that fear) for all things financial.

The New York Times

April 28-- U.S. Home Prices Continued to Decline in February
April 28-- Feeling More Secure, Some Banks Want to Be Left Alone
April 28-- Swine Flu Vaccine May Be Months Away, Experts Say
April 28-- Holdouts Jeopardize Debt Plan for Chrysler
April 28-- London Ponders Its Future as Financial Powerhouse
April 27-- G.M.’s Latest Plan Hinges on Debt Exchange
April 27-- G.M. Faces Obstacle From Unsecured Creditors
April 27-- Daimler Reaches Deal to Unload Chrysler Stake
April 27-- Chrysler and Union Agree to Deal Before Federal Deadline
April 27-- Stocks Drop Amid Swine Flu Concerns
April 26-- Money for Nothing
April 23-- U.S. Said to Seek a Chrysler Plan for Bankruptcy
April 23-- Chrysler’s Lenders Prepare a Counteroffer
April 23-- Plight of Carmakers Could Upset All Pension Plans
April 23-- U.S. to Tell Big Banks the Results of Stress Test
April 23-- Gazprom Seeks a Gas Pipeline to Bypass Ukraine
April 21-- Swimming Without a Suit
April 19-- Erin Go Broke
April 19-- U.S. May Convert Banks’ Bailouts to Equity Share
April 18-- Redefining Capitalism After the Fall
April 18-- It May Be Time for the Fed to Go Negative
April 16-- Green Shoots and Glimmers
April 13-- Glamour Dims as Hecklers Hit the Auto Show
April 13-- Unemployment Surges in Germany’s Golden City
April 12-- In Boston, Paper’s Peril Hits a Nerve
April 12-- China Slows Purchases of U.S. and Other Bonds
April 12-- Tea Parties Forever
April 12-- Longer Unemployment for Those 45 and Older
April 11-- (No) Drill, Baby, Drill
April 9-- As Stocks Surge, Fears Linger About the Economy
April 9-- G.M. May Offer Only Stock to Bondholders
April 9-- Bank of England Vows to Buy Assets to Bolster Lending
April 9-- Making Banking Boring
April 8-- Show Us the Ball
April 6-- Poll Finds New Optimism on Economy Since Inauguration
April 6-- Few Strings on Russian-Style Bailout
April 6-- Economy Falling Years Behind Full Speed
April 6-- Sallie Mae Plans to Return 2,000 Jobs to U.S
April 6-- Obama’s Top Auto Industry Troubleshooter
April 4-- Even Rick Wagoner’s Firing Got Lousy Mileage
April 4-- Obama’s Big, Bold Bet
April 2-- Obama's Star Turn at Summit Gets Mixed Results
April 2-- World Leaders Pledge $1.1 Trillion to Tackle Crisis
April 2-- China’s Dollar Trap
April 2-- G.M. Willing to Consider Bankruptcy
April 2-- Banks Face Big Losses From Bets on Chinese Realty
April 2-- Angry French Workers Take Their Bosses Hostage
April 2-- Ex-Chairman of A.I.G. Says Bailout Has Failed
April 1-- Obama Plays Down Rift Over Economy on Eve of Summit
April 1-- The European Single Market Shows Its Seams
April 1-- China Vies to Be World’s Leader in Electric Cars
April 1-- In Europe, Obama Faces Calls for Rules on Finances
April 1-- Politics Add to Economic Turmoil in Hungary
April 1-- Light and Cheap, Netbooks Are Poised to Reshape PC Industry
April 1-- Auto Sales for March Offer Hope
April 1-- The Orphans of Ireland
April 1-- At Stake Are More Than Banks

The National Post

April 28-- With Total rejected, shareholders await UTS plan
April 28-- Noveko stock up 50% amid swine flu fears
April 28-- Canadian tour operators cancel Mexico trips
April 28-- Chrysler steering closer to 11th-hour salvation
April 28-- Canada's exports expected to plunge record 22%
April 28-- Local programming has to be subsidized: Canwest's CEO
April 28-- Swine flu, currencies, U.S. banks, earnings, UTS Energy – Vialoux
April 28-- Vedanta unlikely to buy HudBay
April 28-- Canada's advantage
April 28-- The long road from Pontiac to Fiat
April 28-- Presenting: United States Motors
April 28-- Obama’s old/new socialism
April 27-- Airlines nosedive on fears of global swine flu outbreak
April 27-- Toronto stocks fall on swine flu fears
April 27-- GM Canada to slash workforce by more than half
April 27-- GM to slash plants, workforce and dealers
April 27-- U.S. 'bad bank' is finding buyers
April 27-- Husky profit sinks 63% on lower prices, output
April 27-- Canadians still waiting for prices to fall
April 27-- U.S. Steel posts steeper loss than expected
April 27-- Forestry industry ready to rebound: West Fraser chief
April 27-- Viterra in talks to buy Australia's ABB Grain: report
April 27-- Ford looking expensive: Citigroup
April 23-- Governments prepare for auto Chapter 11
April 23-- GM to idle 13 plants as it slashes output again
April 23-- Magna boss appeals for auto sector aid
April 23-- Magna may nab stake in Opel
April 23-- Retired CAW autoworkers rally in Toronto
April 23-- Auto woes help push economy into record decline
April 23-- CN Railway taking fast track out of downturn: analysts
April 23-- Canadian dollar up, bonds down on BoC news
April 23-- American Express earnings plunge 58%
April 22-- Canada will urge G7 leaders to pick up stimulus pace
April 22-- Local-based TV at 'tipping point': CTV
April 22-- Credit card companies get a dressing down in Ottawa
April 22-- U.K. budget puts Canada on tax alert
April 22-- Canadians taking less equity out of their homes
April 22-- Recession severe, but G7 to signal hope: Ottawa
April 22-- Canada finance minister sees signs of recovery
April 22-- Transat denies further plans to restructure
April 22-- Consumer Credit Writedowns likely to Rise for Canadian Banks
April 22-- Hope for Chrysler, CAW deal fading fast
April 22-- Mexico's proposed banking bill won't hurt Bank of Nova Scotia
April 22-- Back on the Teck bandwagon
April 21-- Bank of Canada to hold rate at record low until 2010
April 21-- BoC turns bearish as 'green shoots' of economic recovery appear
April 21-- Garry Marr on what the rate cut means for mortgages
April 21-- Harper delighted Obama won’t reopen NAFTA
April 21-- RBC to offer $200-mln in preferred shares
April 21-- WestJet unveils service guarantees
April 21-- Debt extension ends nightmare period for Teck
April 19-- CAW readies members for bankruptcy protection; talks with Chrysler to resume
April 19-- Stimulus talk may trample fragile recovery
April 18-- CAW plays tougher against givebacks
April 18-- National Round Table on Socialist Planning
April 19-- Chrysler failure won't be our fault: CAW
April 17-- Vale's Sudbury shutdown impacts FNX
April 17-- Earnings, rolling over, inflation, Royal Bank – Vialoux
April 17-- Picking spots in TSX as negative earnings growth dominates
April 17-- No help for petro-loonie
April 17-- GM may tap $3-billion loan from Canada
April 17-- Workers burn Chrysler execs' letter
April 17-- A Message from Tom LaSorda and Bob Nardelli
April 17-- Statement by CAW President Ken Lewenza in Response to Nardelli/LaSorda Letter to Chrysler Workers
April 17-- Chrysler letter to Canadian employees
April 17-- The long and winding road back to recovery
April 17-- Apartment REITs look like best option in sector
April 17-- Engineer seeks to prove more efficient oilsands extraction
April 16-- AbitibiBowater weighed down by $6B of debt
April 16-- Canadians' wealth to plunge 3.5%
April 16-- Union blames merger for AbitibiBowater failure
April 16-- General Growth pays for its mall-buying spree
April 16-- Ottawa may let GM, Chrysler die
April 16-- Ottawa may be looking for stronger China ties
April 16-- RBC to take a fresh $850M hit
April 15-- Beyond the energy bear market
April 15-- Fiat plays hardball with Chrysler unions
April 15-- Conquest Vacations shuts its doors
April 14-- Obama says economy 'not out of woods yet'
April 14-- U.S. regulators preparing concept paper on bank 'stress tests'
April 14-- GM moved $600M from Canada to win U.S. aid
April 14-- GM bondholder cracks show as bankruptcy threat looms
April 14-- Edmonton may sue over racy anti-oilsands calendar
April 14-- Dressing up the Banks
April 14-- Canada to fight U.S. softwood ruling
April 14-- Scandals marr Hong Kong's free dealing image
April 14-- Total President: UTS offer unlikely to be lifted
April 13-- GM shares plunge on bankruptcy fears
April 13-- Businesses to put brakes on price hikes, BoC says
April 13-- Jazz Air may need to halve distribution: analyst
April 13-- GM faces bondholder lawsuit in Canada
April 13-- Why we love bad news and how it supports the recession
April 13-- Wary investors await big banks' earnings
April 10-- 'We've still got a lot of work to do': Obama
April 10-- Chinese buy majority stake in Ontario's Liberty Mines
April 9-- EDC to pump $1-billion into infrastructure reinsurance
April 9-- Ottawa holding off on trade action versus U.S.
April 9-- Unemployment at seven-year high of 8%
April 9-- Canada loses 63,100 jobs in March — analysts react
April 9- Trade figures suggest North America on the mend
April 9-- U.S. meat packers snub Canadian livestock
April 9-- CN lone railway expected to make gains in Q1
April 9-- Energy trust distributions look safe given current commodity prices
April 9-- CN plans oil sands 'pipeline on rail'
April 9-- 'Dr. Doom' calls for two-year recession
April 9-- Economy pressures Canwest; specialty TV shows resilience
April 9-- Ontario morally, legally obligated to protect autoworkers' pensions: Lewenza
April 9-- Wall Street rallies on Wells Fargo and banks
April 9-- U.S. banks in better shape than thought
April 9-- Boeing to cut production, warns on earnings
April 9-- Wal-Mart wins big union battle
April 7-- Clement announces new aid for auto industry
April 7-- Alberta may not post a budget surplus until 2013
April 7-- Average house price will fall to $246,000 in 2009: TD
April 7-- Dollar Moved by Fear Factor
April 7-- Canada set to outperform
April 7-- Global toxic asset losses could rise to US$4-trillion
April 7-- Sears Canada stake unlikely to change hands
April 7-- Obama's banking skeptics
April 7-- China eyeing Canadian assets
April 7-- Canada can't lead global recovery: Clark
April 7-- Pensions learn little from market disaster
April 6-- Banks facing new challenges: TD's Clark
April 6-- U.S. banks 'basically insolvent': Soros
April 6-- Canada's airlines struggle to fill their planes
April 6-- Flaherty to meet banks on G20 moves
April 6-- Melnyk takes the stand in OSC hearing
April 6-- Oil falls towards US$51 on weaker equities
April 3-- Japan, U.S. economies show challenges remain
April 3-- Canadian Banks: A better system
April 3-- Canadian banks cash in on new cachet
April 3-- Next problem is inflation, Flaherty warns
April 3-- Analysis: Revival may be underway
April 3-- Ford needs its own deal with the union -- urgently
April 3-- Canadian Tire & Potash Corp: Two laggards that look good
April 3-- Abu Dhabi's TAQA considering oil sands entry
April 3-- U.S. sheds 663,000 jobs in March
April 3-- Oil falls below US$52 as economic fears return
April 3-- Toyota borrows from Japan-owned bank to fund U.S. sales
April 3-- End 'public flogging,' RBS chairman asks
April 3-- Don't worry, be Harper
April 2-- Chrysler sales hurt by threat of Canada exit
April 2-- World leaders pledge US$1-trillon in aid
April 2-- US$250B in financing to support global trade
April 2-- Lip service paid to issue of protectionism
April 2-- Text of G20 statement
April 2-- Harper says worst instability 'behind us'
April 2-- RIM's Q4 result beats forecasts, shares soar
April 2-- Parts shortage idles second Chrysler plant
April 2-- Economists hopeful global economy can be saved
April 2-- Focus now on how much authority to give Bank of Canada
April 2-- Bombardier not ruling out further cuts
April 2-- China buys more of oil sands
April 2-- Diversions ahead for North America's auto world
April 1-- Obama sees G20 consensus, France unhappy
April 1-- Mexico asks IMF for credit line of US47B
April 1-- Foreign automakers should be forced to build cars here: CAW
April 1-- Ford U.S. sales fall 41% in March
April 1-- Carney sees record drop in Canada's GDP
April 1-- G20 nations need to ‘overreact’: Harper
April 1-- GM grabs back sales crown from Chrysler
April 1-- U.S. lost 742,000 jobs in March: ADP
April 1-- Analyst hits bullseye with prediction on Bow
April 1-- Suncor gets thumbs up, Imperial Oil not so lucky
April 1-- Canaccord on road to profit
April 1-- Housing Weakness Looms Large Over Stock Market
April 1-- Credit card writedowns hit record high: Moody’s
April 1-- Total, Sinopec team up in oil sands
April 1-- Ottawa keeps ’watchful eye’ on Air Canada pension

The Globe and Mail

April 28-- Tour operators cancel flights to Mexico
April 28-- Don't call it swine flu, farmers complain
April 28-- Recession, debt not to blame for TV woes: Asper
April 28-- Ontario won't rule out buying stakes in GM, Chrysler
April 28-- U.S. reaches key deal with Chrysler bondholders
April 28-- Washington, auto union set to take control of GM, Chrysler
April 28-- No room for complacency: Carney
April 28-- Exports to fall 22 per cent this year: EDC
April 28-- Number of EI beneficiaries swells by 7.8%
April 28-- Total quits fight for UTS Energy
April 28-- Petro-Canada loses $47-million
April 28-- Daimler loses €1.3-billion
April 27-- The blueprint for a new GM
April 27-- GM Canada to shed jobs, dealers
April 27-- GM cuts hit Magna's St. Thomas plant
April 27-- U.S. Steel posts wider loss
April 27-- Daimler reaches final deal on Chrysler split
April 27-- Husky Energy profit shrinks
April 27-- TV networks seek $352-million in fees, CRTC says
April 27-- Forest industry bottoming out: West Fraser
April 27-- Chapter 11 won't kill Fiat-Chrysler deal: source
April 27-- Oil falls on swine flu outbreak
April 27-- Flu worries drive down industrial metals
April 27-- Only half of provinces saw growth in 2008
April 26-- UAW, Chrysler and Fiat reach concession deal
April 24-- Can science save the oil sands?
April 24-- Pipelines to wealth
April 24-- CAW gives ground in attempt to save Chrysler
April 24-- Fed says U.S. banks breezed through stress tests
April 24-- G7 puts weight behind banking overhaul
April 24-- National Bank's Vachon thinks time is right to spend
April 24-- Ottawa's corporate tax take falls by $2.5-billion
April 24-- Bombardier wins massive Toronto streetcar contract
April 24-- Quebec lends Alcoa $50-million
April 24-- Carney blames U.S. for slow recovery
April 24-- Geithner sees signs of hope
April 24-- British economy shrinks 1.9 per cent
April 23-- CAW to Chrysler: No more concessions in bankruptcy
April 23-- Fiat pushing ahead on Chrysler talks
April 23-- GM Canada pensions likely safe, Ontario Minister says
April 23-- GM halts 13 plants, cuts output
April 23-- Bank of Canada readies new weapons to fight record slump
April 23-- Microsoft takes recession hit
April 23-- AbitibiBowater intends to file claim against Newfoundland
April 23-- Sluggish economy hits CP results
April 23-- Suncor posts $189-million loss in first quarter
April 23-- Potash Corp. profit drops on lower sales
April 23-- American Express profit plummets 63%
April 22-- Crisis unprecedented in modern times: Geithner
April 22-- IMF sees ‘severe recession'
April 22-- Global Economy Contracts, With Slow Recovery Next Year
April 22-- Why the real picture may be worse
April 22-- Concern voiced over Abitibi's Quebec loan
April 22-- Ontario puts auto workers on notice
April 22-- GM may skip $1-billion bond payment
April 22-- CanWest wins debt extension
April 22-- Caisse moves assailed
April 22-- Pound hit by British borrowing plan
April 22-- U.S. banks to get stress test results Friday
April 22-- CDS market quickly shrinking
April 22-- Apple beats Street
April 21-- Yahoo cuts 700 jobs as ad slump worsens
April 21-- AMD loss widens on lower chip demand, prices
April 21-- Surprised by depth of slump, central bank pegs rate at 0.25%
April 21-- Husky Energy plans spinoff
April 21-- Teck wins reprieve on debt
April 21-- No quick fix to financial crisis, IMF says
April 21-- CN names new CEO
April 21-- RBC sees forestry rebound
April 21-- Toyota's overtime freeze lifted as demand rises
April 21-- More U.S. cash for auto makers
April 21-- “Sucker's rally” to fade: Roubini
April 21-- Oil gains on 'Geithner rally'
April 19-- Ottawa seeks answers on Vale shutdown
April 19-- Exxon unseats Wal-Mart atop Fortune 500
April 19-- Obama to tackle credit card abuses
April 18-- Worst of recession is over, U.S. officials suggest
April 18-- AbitibiBowater granted bankruptcy protection
April 17-- Chrysler doomed in Canada without deep cuts, chiefs warn
April 17-- Manulife CEO bows to critics
April 17-- From Pirate Bay, a torpedo to illegal file sharing
April 17-- Has elusive 'second derivative' arrived?
April 17-- Sony Ericsson posts heavy loss, slashes jobs
April 17-- GE profit slides 36%, but still beats estimates
April 17-- GM CEO warns of probable bankruptcy protection filing
April 17-- Hot potatoes: the humble tuber leads food prices higher
April 17-- Statement by CAW's Lewenza
April 17-- Deep cuts needed, Chrysler warns CAW
April 17-- Chrysler lays it on the line to workers
April 17-- Bloom or bust?
April 16-- Ottawa refuses to rescue AbitibiBowater
April 16-- Rivals circle as Abitibi seeks protection
April 16-- Failing to push paper in digital age
April 16-- Ottawa willing to let GM, Chrysler collapse
April 16-- Ottawa, Chrysler go public ahead of CAW negotiations
April 16-- Clement tells auto union to make more concessions
April 16-- Royal Bank takes $850-million hit
April 16-- Force U.S. Steel to reopen Canadian mills: union
April 16-- Global economic woe ‘likely to be persistent,' IMF says
April 16-- Domtar streamlines management
April 16-- Manufacturers slash inventories
April 16-- Pension plans hurt by sinking markets
April 15-- Conquest Vacations shuts down
April 14-- Obama optimistic, but realistic, on economy
April 14-- Bernanke sees signs of recovery
April 14-- Signposts of (eventual) better times
April 14-- Telus plans new push in Alberta
April 14-- U.S. retail sales fall unexpectedly
April 14-- Lenders eye equity stake in Chrysler
April 14-- Shell in talks with Chinese on Iraq venture
April 14-- Madoff's Mets tickets to go to the highest bidder
April 13-- More stringent testing welcomed
April 13-- Goldman profit hints at a return to stability
April 13-- Sherritt stock jumps on U.S. Cuba move
April 13-- Market-panic lock-step starts to ease
April 13-- Lending tap opening, but at a price
April 13-- GM faces bondholder suit in Canada
April 13-- Cars a Canadian cash cow: CAW
April 13-- U.S. Commerce Department opposes LNG terminal
April 13-- Copper surges on Chinese demand
April 13-- Chinese economy improves; deflation haunts Japan
April 10-- The Great Recession knocks B.C. down
April 9-- Montreal faces uphill battle in new economic order
April 9-- China becomes the great wall of stimulus
April 9-- Jobless rate hits seven-year high
April 9-- CanWest hit by writedown, imperils loan terms
April 9-- CanWest loses $1.4-billion
April 9-- Wells Fargo record profit forecast gives markets shot in the arm
April 9-- Cellphone subscriber growth tanks, Telus reveals
April 9-- 'Stronger Air Canada' - without plans for bankruptcy
April 9-- CAW president slams pension claim
April 9-- Ford is not Obama Motors
April 8-- Boom to bust to blip
April 8-- Fed spending action prompted by fear of worsening recession
April 8-- Hartt urges banks to loosen credit tap
April 8-- Ontario pension safety net can't catch auto workers: McGuinty
April 8-- GM, Chrysler launch supplier aid programs
April 8-- From the Escalade to the PUMA, an industry slims down
April 8-- Ottawa seeking clarification on lumber levy
April 7-- Ottawa backs GM, Chrysler warranties
April 7-- GM said to be in ‘intense' bankruptcy preparations
April 7-- GM and Segway unveil two-wheeled vehicle
April 7-- GM to unveil new Ontario product
April 7-- Alcoa posts $497-million loss
April 7-- Rio Tinto Alcan cutting 140 Montreal jobs
April 7-- Alberta to post its biggest deficit ever
April 7-- Alberta cuts infrastructure spending
April 7-- U.S. levies 10% softwood customs duty
April 7-- CanWest faces debt restructuring deadline
April 7-- China likely to recover in '09, World Bank says
April 7-- Mall vacancies spell fresh trouble for lenders
April 7-- RBS eyes as many as 9,000 job cuts
April 7-- Why panic is good for the market
April 6-- Debt-laden Teck Cominco launches asset sale
April 6-- No cash for auto parts makers: McGuinty
April 6-- Resource financings keep Bay Street flush
April 6-- WestJet traffic sinks to 81.9 per cent
April 6-- Exxon to keep investing, hiring despite downturn
April 6-- Ford cuts $10-billion in debt
April 6-- Even when markets turn, jobs picture is set to darken
April 6-- Japan plans $100-billion more stimulus
April 5-- GM's new CEO open to bankruptcy 'if it's required'
April 3-- RIM rocks a new tune
April 3-- More jobs lost, then a recovery, Harper says
April 3-- U.S. jobless rate highest since '83
April 3-- Pace of bank remedies too slow, Flaherty says
April 3-- A big bear: Markets 'way too optimistic'
April 3-- Exports at risk from U.S. climate change bill
April 3-- RBS to cut jobs, wants end to "public flogging"
April 3-- Europe business activity falls, pessimism ebbs
April 3-- Flagging the next credit crisis
April 2-- G20 show of unity offers $1-trillion in aid, few specifics
April 2-- Harper offers hope that worst is over
April 2-- French mock Sarkozy's performance on economy
April 2-- Where was Stephen Harper?
April 2-- Job seekers swarming Atlantic provinces
April 2-- Ottawa can't provide update on stimulus cash
April 2-- Teachers' fund posts 18 per cent loss
April 2-- TD expects deeper losses on U.S. loans
April 2-- Newfoundland touts historic hydro deal with Quebec
April 2-- Bombardier to cut 3,000 jobs
April 2-- Oil surges on economic hopes
April 2-- Fairfax ready to inject cash into Bowater
April 2-- Parts shortage shuts second Chrysler plant
April 1-- Inside the coup at Air Canada
April 1-- Not your 'traditional airline guy'
April 1-- Rovinescu should land Air Canada on CCAA tarmac
April 1-- Sabia gets $21-million on leaving BCE
April 1-- GM Canada back to No. 1
April 1-- Clock ticking, GM bankruptcy a real option
April 1-- Chrysler halts Windsor plant
April 1-- Recession likely to drag, Carney warns
April 1-- Protesters storm the banks
April 1-- Harper urges more global economic intervention
April 1-- Abitibi debt restructuring bid fails
April 1-- Ballard sheds 8 per cent of staff
April 1-- Japan pays jobless foreigners to go home
April 1-- 3M cuts 1,200 more jobs worldwide

The Toronto Star

April 23-- Bank of Canada poised for direct economic intervention
April 23-- No hint of recovery in U.S. jobs, housing data
April 23-- CAW president expects Chrysler deal early Friday
April 23-- GM to temporarily shut 13 U.S., Mexican plants
April 23-- Suncor posts $189M net loss
April 23-- Russia's economic output plunges
April 23-- AbitibiBowater to challenge Nfld. expropriation
April 23-- Shipper UPS's profits plunge amid recession
April 23-- Economy puts brakes on Canadian Pacific profit
April 23-- Recession may claim 10 million more jobs
April 22-- Flaherty predicts 'significant unemployment'
April 22-- Chrysler, CAW face midnight deadline
April 22-- Worst recession in 6 decades
April 22-- GM plans lengthy summer shutdown at some U.S. plants
April 22-- Pound hit by British borrowing plan
April 22-- West 49 takes $9.6M writedown hit
April 22-- Credit card regulations coming, Flaherty says
April 22-- Canwest gets another debt extension, to May 5
April 22-- Ebay's sales fall on weak economy
April 19-- Crash course in survival
April 19-- It's déjà vu for this struggling job hunter
April 18-- Economic growth was built on Credit pyramid scheme

April 18-- Chrysler puts ultimatum in writing
April 18-- GM bracing for worst-case scenario
April 18-- First-timers resuscitating market
April 18-- Aeroplan's loyalty goes only so far, readers find
April 18-- VW may oust Toyota as No. 1
April 18-- AbitibiBowater granted bankruptcy protection in Canada, U.S.
April 17-- Quebec offers aid to AbitibiBowater
April 17-- German recession seen deepening
April 17-- GM bankruptcy probable, not preferred: CEO
April 14-- U.S. recession may be easing, Bernanke says
April 14-- Markets fall on U.S. retail numbers
April 14-- U.S. retail sales fell sharply in March
April 14-- Oil falls as hope for recovery fades
April 14-- Ottawa details $170M forestry bailout
April 14-- Time right for first-time homebuyers: experts
April 14-- Auto show crowds get cranky
April 14-- Crunch time for Canwest ... again
April 13-- Gloomy outlook persists
April 13-- GM faces bondholder lawsuit in Nova Scotia
April 13-- GM and Chrysler have made $37B in profits since 1972: CAW
April 13-- Canwest shares worthless, analysts say
April 13-- Rising imports a hopeful sign for China
April 13-- Chrysler-Fiat alliance: Marriage of inconvenience
April 13-- French oil giant boosts bid for oil sands company
April 10-- CAW retirees target McGuinty Liberals
April 10-- Canadians in no rush to puchase cell phones
April 10-- Ontario's economy shrinks as auto sector declines
April 10-- Failing economy creates a nation of part-timers
April 10-- Take heart, some sectors are hiring
April 10-- Automakers fear domino effect from GM, Chrysler failure
April 10-- Despite $4.1 billion debt, ad woes, CanWest says it's `well positioned'
April 9-- Canada Post's pension plan lost 19.3% in 2008
April 9-- Canwest loses $1.44B on publishing writedown
April 9-- Auto collapse could spread, Day said
April 9-- Ireland sees biggest deflation rate since 1933
April 9-- Auto pensioners not abandoned, Duncan says
April 9-- Toyota to revamp U.S. operations, report says
April 7-- GM preparing for bankruptcy: Source
April 7-- Oil falls below US$50
April 7-- Ottawa offers warranty help for GM, Chrysler
April 7-- Spat with Chrysler takes a heavy toll
April 7-- Closer ties urged for business, government
April 7-- Canwest faces debt restructuring deadline
April 7-- Total may delay project as pilot site suspended
April 7-- Think-tank sees jobless rate rising to 9.5%
April 6-- Jobless to peak in 2010
April 6-- GM chief softens on bankruptcy protection
April 6-- Saab talking to 20 potential buyers
April 6-- Teck sells Chilean gold mine interest
April 6-- World banks in currency swap deal with U.S. Fed
April 3-- Canadian reliance on U.S. trade declines
April 3-- G20 leaders put hope before help
April 3-- Change not necessarily for the better
April 3-- RIM stock surges 20%
April 3-- Economy near the bottom?
April 3-- Stocks fade on U.S. jobless data
April 3-- Aerospace giant Bombardier to cut 3,000 workers
April 3-- Credit cards too confusing, CAC says
April 2-- Air Canada needs drastic downsizing, analyst says
April 2-- Chrysler and CAW suspend negotiations
April 2-- Stocks rise on G20 optimism
April 2-- Bombardier cuts 475 Toronto jobs
April 2-- Teachers' fund hammered by market decline
April 2-- G20 leaders agree to tax haven crackdown
April 2-- Leaders boost IMF war chest
April 2-- Oil jumps above $52 on market gains
April 1-- Parts shortage idles Chrysler Windsor plant
April 1-- Obama takes G20 by storm
April 1-- Harper urges G20 leaders to 'overact'
April 1-- U.S. pending home sales rise in February
April 1-- GM's Wagoner drives off with $23M U.S. pension payout
April 1-- India's exports plunge 21.7 per cent
April 1-- French workers release Caterpillar plant bosses
April 1-- AbitibiBowater considers new restructuring
April 1-- Oil falls below US$49 amid gloomy data
April 1-- GMAC resumes loans to subprime borrowers
April 1-- Carney says downturn worst in half-century
April 1-- Surging credit card losses worry banks
April 1-- Airline shake-up rattles investors

Vancouver Papers

April 28-- EI claimants soar in B.C. as economy deteriorates
April 28-- Forest job losses climb over 20,000
April 28-- U.S. protectionism could spark Canadian retaliation
April 27-- Cruise ship to shift from Vancouver to Europe
April 27-- Bottom seen forming in lumber market collapse
April 25-- Low lumber prices push West Fraser to $83-million loss
April 24-- Cost of matching U.S. pulp subsidy pegged at $1.8 billion
April 23-- Transportation gateway to Asia markets key for B.C. recovery, real estate forum told
April 23-- Canada warms up to Beijing
April 19-- Energy issues split parties, public in election
April 19-- West Fraser Timber now world’s largest lumber company
April 19-- West Fraser sues Canfor
April 17-- B.C. consumer bankruptcies, proposals up almost 50 per cent
April 16-- Vancouver home affordability improves, but ‘still exorbitant’
April 16-- B.C. real estate sales continue to rally from January trough
April 13-- B.C. jobless rate could hit 9 per cent: economist
April 13-- A sputtering start for new Seoul-Vancouver ‘open skies’
April 10-- B.C. job losses largest in the country
April 9 -- Campbell woos small business
April 7-- Slowing economy squeezes local port container traffic
April 7-- Vancouver, BC Hydro, sign on to test electric car
April 6-- B.C. sees 86-per-cent surge in value of February building permits
April 3-- Metro Vancouver real estate sales bounce back
April 3-- Telus opens fourth call centre in Manila
April 1-- Vancouver to feel pain

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