Thursday, April 16, 2009

Podunk Below the Masthead Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The port outlines how it's dealing with the economy, there's progress in pipelines and our recycling centre draws them in from down the road. Some of the items of interest in Wednesday's Daily News.

THE PORT AUTHORITY IS RIDING OUT THE STORM-- The Prince Rupert Port Authority provided a bit of an outline to the community as to how it is handling the current malaise in the world economy. The Port's President and CEO Don Krusel reviewed some of the developments on the waterfront in the last few months including expectations that coal and grain shipments will suffer the most among all of the movements through Prince Rupert's various terminals.

Like The Northern View, which was first to post items on their website on Tuesday with the story of Don Krusel's speech to the Chamber of Commerce earlier that day, Wednesday's Daily also outlined an anticipate drop in shipping tonnage down to about 9 million tonnes, a decrease of about 1.6 million tonnes. He did however advise that considering the state of the world economy at the moment, the Port was generally pleased with the current levels of throughput at the container port.

Elsewhere in the paper, the Daily had some background on discussions between The Carrier Sekani Tribal Council and Pacific Northern Gas in the attempts to work towards an agreement to route a pipeline to Kitimat through Carrier Sekani territory.

The Prince Rupert Recycling centre can lay claim to attracting out of town traffic towards Rupert, a page three story in the paper reviews how a dedicated reclycer from Terrace is more than happy to make the journey to Rupert a few times a year to drop off her items.

The sports section continues on the theme of golf season with an interview with local club pro Moe Hays and the always timely NHL playoff predictions get a look over on page six.

And the Daily News begins their Pressing Questions feature in Wednesday's edition asking candidates "How do we best protect our environment here on the North Coast while improving our commerce capacity." Our humble little blog Podunk will look at the replies in a separate posting, which we will then archive in our election coverage section for future reference in the campaign.

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