Thursday, April 30, 2009

Podunk Below the Masthead Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kindergarten rules the front page, Gordon Campbell's emissary offers up some kind words about the port but no cash and another week of civic governance is scored. All part of the Wednesday edition of the Daily News.

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE LITTLE PEOPLE-- It's a sure fire way to sell some papers, a front page picture of some kindergarten aged students and the story of their success in raising money for the local Wildlife Rehab shelter.
Wednesday's tale of the efforts of Mae Jung Bowles class was the featured story in the paper, outlining how she enjoys taking her students out into the local environment and how their interest has translated into a welcome donation to the Prince Rupert Wildlife Rehab shelter.
Though the article was a bit confusing in identifying which school's class was responsible for the 1800 dollars plus destined for the shelter. The article starts out by mentioning Westview and then thanks Conrad school's parents, staff and teachers for their help. We'll go with the picture and caption saluting Conrad as the school which offered up the donation.

It being an election period, the usual arrival of the political class has begun, as the BC Liberal cabinet minister for Aboriginal Relations and reconciliation dropped in town, offering up his interpretation of the developments between First Nations of the region and the provincial government. All part of the reconciliation process that the government has instituted to try and develop a different form of government to government relationships.

The Daily News also provided their regular Prince Rupert City Council feature which highlights some of the key questions of the recent council session and reports on how councillors voted on the issues.

And their election coverage continued with their Pressing Questions, this time around asking the three local candidates for the Legislature "What kind of investment is necessary for the North Coast?". We outline their answers later on this blog.

The Sports edition for Wednesday featured a look at the weekend in high school soccer from Terrace as the two Rupert schools took part in a Saturday of action.

Total pages in the Wednesday edition (16)

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