Monday, April 06, 2009

The Northern Expedition is in Northern waters

The Queen Charlotte Islands Observer had a short piece posted today about the arrival in the coastal waters of the Charlotte's of the new BC Ferry the Northern Expedition. Monday night was to be test docking night at the newly refurbished Skidegate landing dock site, part of the shakedown phase of the vessels introduction to service on the North coast.

It is expected that the vessel will make its first appearance in Prince Rupert harbour on Tuesday, but local residents won't be able to board the ferry just yet, these are familiarization trips for the crew of the vessel to give them a better understanding as to how the vessel handles and to get a better understanding of their duties on board.

It is expected that the Northern Expedition will begin its Port Hardy to Prince Rupert run in mid May, a much anticipated event for the northern fleet of the BC Ferry Service.

There are a number of sites to learn more about the newest vessel in the BC Ferries fleet, from the BC Ferries website and also from an independent website which features much in the way of information on all things marine related, a website called BC Highways, which has a number of schematics and pictures of the new ferry from the very beginning of the process.

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