Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Battle of the Gypsy fabric haulers

There's a turf war brewing in the city for the elusive fabric market. With travelling fabric providers coming to town at the same time to sell their wares and then slip out of town with the remnants of their silk and polyester.

We'll be rolling in the street with fabrics the next few days as the Fabric Shop and Quilt Show once again offers up their fashion ideas at the old Fabric Boutique from today through to Sunday. Their presentation offers up a selection of fabric, books and other items of the fabric world for four days only.

Hot on their heels is Fabricland from Terrace, in town for three days only at the Rupert Square Mall on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, where they apparently offer much more than a Fabric store (so says their ad) including it seems a Bra clinic, for those looking for a custom fit to go with their potential coverings.

For Rupertites when it comes to the world of fashion it seems that it's a case of Feast or famine.

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