Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The countdown to voting day is on (North Coast edition)

The provincial election campaign for 2009 is officially underway, across BC candidates for parties large and small, established and fringe will be seeking those eighty five seats (six new ones created as of this election) in Victoria, all ready to steer the province through these troubled economic times.

We will follow the campaign through our portal providing those items of interest we discover as the campaign moves along towards the May 12th election day.

From the events of the North Coast, to the travels of the leaders across the province, you can use us as your one stop location for the latest in the election campaign. The link to keep up to date will be found on our right hand index, under the items of special interest section...

Our first installment features developments on the North Coast campaign

Candidates websites:

Gary Coons-- NDP website, facebook page
Lisa Girbav-- Green Party website, facebook page
Herb Pond-- Liberal Party website, facebook page

Media profiles:

Northern View--Gary Coons--NDP
Northern View--Lisa Girbav--Green Party
Northern View--Herb Pond-- Liberal Party
CBC-- Riding overview
Daily News-- Pressing Questions
Daily News candidate biographies-- April 20- Herb Pond, Liberal Party
Daily News candidate biographies-- April 24- Lisa Girbav, Green Party
Daily News candidate biographies-- May 3-- Gary Coons, New Democratic Party

Items from the blog:

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