Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Follow the flu to the Canadian border....

The sudden occurrence of swine flu in Mexico and now moving to other nations has given the World Health Organization cause to raise the level of threat to that of five, which is but one level short of the pandemic stage.

So while we all try to make sense of what that means, we find that Google has decided to be a helpful partner in the goal of information with what they are calling the Google Flu trends tracker, which outlines the state of the flu in the American states of the union.

It's of interest to note, that while they offer up interpretations of data for both Mexico and the United States, their tracking stops at the Canadian border.
So we gather this means either we are still relatively flu free and our battles are but mild doses, or perhaps the horses of the apocalypse are preparing to gallop.
Or maybe they're just waiting until we have more cases to report to make colouring such a large map as ours worthwhile...

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