Monday, April 06, 2009

Road Building season set to begin in BC

Just in time for the provincial election campaign, some timely announcements that major road construction is being planned across this "Best Place on Earth"...

The provincial government teamed up with the Federal government today to announce some $240 million for highway improvements throughout British Columbia, create a few jobs and of course stimulate the economy, all part of the plan to kick start the nations economic malaise of late.

For Northern BC residents, Prince George is apparently the place to be, as close to 64 million dollars will be spent in that city, with another 40 million to be spent on Highway 97 through the Pine Pass area and to the north.

The big money trail ends however just east of Burns Lake, though those that use the bridges of Oona River will find that the government is coming to your rescue soon as well. In among the announcements were details on replacing both the Oona River and the Oona River Lower bridges near Prince Rupert.

There is however no mention of any work to be done on Highway 16 from Rupert to Terrace or even as far as Smithers.

Prince George's Opinion 250 website had details on the many projects for that city, interesting in their timeline considering that many suggest that Prince George will be a key battleground in the upcoming provincial election.

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