Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Soon our local events will go up in lights on the big board!

The City of Prince Rupert is about to enter the electronic information age when it comes to message boards as what looks like a state of the art information sign is soon to be set up in the vicinity of the Civic Centre and Lester Arts Centre.

In this months electronic newsletter the city advises about their plans to install an electronic message board, part of a collaboration of civic and private funding.

The sign will feature a two sided, two-line computer reader board, which will update residents and visitors alike to the services and events available at the two venues on McBride Street.

Funding for the sign got a leg up when Pepsi signed on to sponsor the computer reader board portion of the sign. Manufacturing and installation of the sign will take place through contributions in kind and support from a number of local industries and services including; Digital Printing, Progressive Steel, and the Hecate Strait Employment Development Society.

City Council recently approved $10,000 toward the site prep, with an eye towards installation of the sign later this summer. They are still looking for some more local support for the project, with a Cat 5 cable and electrical power supply lines still required for the project to be put to use. The City is looking for other community minded businesses in town to take part, with space still available on the logo portion of the signage for that one company looking to step up and contribute.

The City is ready for donations or in kind support, a phone call to Michael Curnes at the Civic Centre will set your wheels in motion and help to turn on the lights on the message board later this year.

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