Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey, we're up here! Looking to be part of the recovery too...

It might be time for a bit of a public relations push over at the Port of Prince Rupert, seems that if your towering cranes and stacks of containers are out of sight, you're out of mind.

The Vancouver Sun ran an article last week that outlines the advantage that Vancouver as a Gateway and the Port of Vancouver in particular will provide in any economic recovery that the province will have.

The article outlines how British Columbia is set to take advantage of the importance of Asia in the world economy and an anticipated recovery of demand for commodities within the region, including demand for energy, the transportation gateway of Vancouver is apparently ready to take on the task of growth.

Not a mention of that little port to the north of the big city, the one that was making all the news a few months ago and apparently has caused other ports to rethink some of their more traditional ways of moving freight.

The blue print for future success was outlined at a Vancouver conference sponsored by the Vancouver Real Estate Forum, so perhaps the northern oversight was to be expected.

Still, in the competitive world of trade first impressions are everything and with the weight of a major newspaper providing the spin, the Port of Vancouver seems to be getting a good little push on the recovery angle.

Before that rush of goods begins to flow again, it might be time to provide a timely remember to the southern media, that in British Columbia there is more than one gate in that gateway to the province, the nation and the continent.

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