Thursday, April 23, 2009

Alaska Marine Highway still has Rupert Ferry dock on their purchase list

It's budget time in Alaska and the Alaska Marine Highway Service has been prioritizing its list of spending for the finance department this spring.

Among the many items that they have in the spending side of the ledger is the ongoing quest to gain ownership of the dock at Fairview Bay, the Alaska Marine Highway is hopeful that the city will sell the dock to the Alaska based transportation service, allowing it to continue to invest in the required repairs for the link to southeast Alaska.

Marine Highway representatives outlined for Public radio in Alaska the process so far, indicating how the City of Prince Rupert isn't inclined to spend much money on the dock, or actually be in the ferry dock business anymore for that matter and how the Marine Highway service was seeking spending authorizations from the Alaska government should the dock be put up for sale by the City.

You can listen to the entire report from the KBRD website, it outlines some of the background on the condition and repairs to the Fairview Bay dock and what remains to be done and at what cost.

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