Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wanted to a good home: one slightly aged ferry recently retired

BC Ferries is putting three of its older stock up on the auction block, bringing forward an email bidding process for those that want the latest in coastal ferries circa 1960's..

While the celebrations have barely died down commemorating the Queen of Prince Rupert's 43 years of service to the North coast, time is money as they say and the Queen and two other similarly aged BC Ferries are yours for the taking at the right price.

Be sure to give some thought to your bid, as the sale price will be determined by "market demand" which apparently will dictate the selling price of the no longer required part of the fleet.

Count your pennies and cash in your pop bottles, once you've got your money lined up, you can enter your bid for your choice of vessel at shipsforsale@bcferries.com.

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