Thursday, April 09, 2009

Billy Bob Blows Up: Train wreck on the CBC

The Billy Bob Thornton interview (for lack of a better word) with Jian Ghomeshi, seen above, is quickly becoming an Internet rage, what with the lack of class and descriptive use of the traits of insolence and petulance that ole Billy Bob provided yesterday.

Billy Bob Thornton tussles with radio host
That Billy Bob Thornton Interview
Billy Bob blow-by-blow
Who would win a crazy off: Billy Bob Thorton or Joaquin Phoenix?
Thornton clashes with radio host
'Easy on Canada': Billy Bob Thornton vs. Jian Ghomeshi:
An open letter to Jian Ghomeshi, arts journalist to arts journalist
Billy Bob Thornton gets weird on radio interview
Jian and Billy Bob interview goes viral
One of those great performances that probably will guarantee Mr. Ghomeshi much in the way of publicity for his career, long after ole Billy Bob and the Boxmasters have parted ways and gone to the remainder bins of music history..

However before Billy Bob exits stage left for the final time, we understand that another selection of cover versions of some past tunes is in order for the Boxmasters.

Among some of the potential cover tunes destined for Billy Bob cult status to come are from:

Denis Leary

Ian Hunter

Kim Stockwood

Green Day

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