Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cutbacks affect six provincial parks in the Northwest

Today may be Earth Day, but if you want to experience what the earth has to offer British Columbians and our visitors, the BC Government wants to let you know that you won't have as much time this summer to get out and soak in all that there is to enjoy.

Northwest campers and park visitors will have a reduced window this season to enjoy the great outdoors as BC Parks struggles to meet its budget targets and announces cutbacks to 45 provincial parks across the province.

In the Skeena zone which serves the Prince Rupert region, six parks will have reduced openings this year, included on the list are the popular Exchamsiks and Lakelse Lake parks.

The parks which normally open to the public on May 1st will not be opened up until May 15th and the normal closing date of September 30th at Exchamsiks has been pushed up to September 8th, while Lakelse will remain open only until September 15th.
Full details on the revised schedule and other items about British Columbia's parks can be found on the BC Parks website.

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