Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daily News Pressing Questions April 22, 2009

As part of their Election Coverage, the Daily News is asking questions of the candidates and printing their replies in the Wednesday and Friday editions of the paper.

The following was the "Pressing Question" for Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Should the provincial government appeal the Supreme Court's decision to enforce mariculture as a federal jurisdiction?

Gary Coons -New Democratic Party

Federal-provincial jurisdiction is a complicated issue.

We do want control of our ocean resources which is a key economic driver on the North Coast. Open net fish farming is very controversial and as a member of the Sustainable Aquaculture Committee I heard loud and clear "no fish farms on the north coast".

Contrary to Gordon Campbell's push, the BC NDP would implement the recommendations of the committee, including a transition to closed containment and promotion of the shellfish industry... including testing facilities on the North Coast.

Implementing the 52 recommendations would protect our, wild salmon and make the Supreme Court decision insignificant.

Lisa Girbav - Green Party

Yes, I believe the provincial government should appeal the Supreme Court's decision to enforce mariculture as a federal jurisdiction.

The Green Party of BC believes in restoring power to local governments and allowing them to make informed decisions on what happens in their region.

Why should the politicians in Ottawa make decisions on what happens on the West Coast? They probably don't even know what a fish looks like.

Herb Pond - Liberal Party of BC

The Supreme Court of BC recently determined that fin fish farms are a "fishery" and therefore fall under the exclu sive jurisdiction of the federal government.

I support the decision of the provincial not appeal this decision and to work with the federal government over the next 12 months to clarify roles and responsibilities.

I support communities on the north and central coasts who are currently working hard to create jobs and business opportunities in shellfish and kelp operations.

I will work with those First Nations communities to ensure responsible management, attract investors, find markets and train workers.

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