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Podunk Below the Masthead Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dancing across your front page, reading over the Economic Development resumes and the Olympic torch is on its way, some of the items designed to tweak your interest in the Thursday edition of the Daily News.

SPECTRUM CITY IS DANCING THEIR HEARTS OUT-- The front page headline story of Thursday's paper was a small review of the recently completed Prince George Dance Festival, the accompanying front page picture larger than the article itself, page two provided for a listing of the placements at the Festival.

The quest for an Economic Development Officer for the city continues, as Mayor Jack Mussallem expressed his contentment with the number of CV's that have come into City Hall in application for the job. The City working with the District of Port Edward is seeking to reinvigorate the development corporation, which had all but fallen off the radar of late as the economy continued to struggle. In the article from Thursday's paper, Mussallem outlined that the City and District will be narrowing the field down to about three to five candidates that best fit what they believe is needed at the EDC, at that point interviews will begin.

They are looking for an applicant who is community minded and will avoid duplicating the advocacy that business already provides the community. Prospective EDO's could check out the potential by surfing over to the recently updated EDC website , though a few gaps still remain (the business directory has more empty space than most blocks on Third Avenue) and of course any prospective boss, could check out where their name might go, not to mention learn more about what the city and district are looking for from the Job Opportunities section.

Interestingly enough, the website also offers up links to Terrace and Prince George, no doubt to highlight that favourite weekend activity of Rupertites, the Friday afternoon exodus out of town to go shopping down highway 16. A suggestion that is even mentioned on the website as a possible day trip, all listed under Terrace shopping.

And lest those nasty rumours of far too much precipitation scare away any applicants, many of the photos featured on the website highlight happy Rupertites wearing sunglasses (perhaps bought in Terrace).

The Mayor also outlined how the search for an Airport Manager is going, with an update that the City has received a significant amount of interest in the post, attracting resumes from across the nation.

The Royal Bank gets a shout out on page two as they provide details of their Olympic Torch celebration planned for Thursday, April 9 from 1:30 to 3 pm at the Royal Bank branch at Rupert Square. Locals will get to take a look at the torch currently on its cross Canada tour and meet Canadian Olympian Anthony Wright, who is also a member of the UBC Field Hockey team. Considering the time frame of the torch visit, we anticipate next Thursday will see a lot of school field trips planned for the last day of school before the Easter break.

The Sports page featured a review of the Rupert Raiders efforts at their final tournament of the year last week in Quesnel. And with baseball season just around the corner Patrick Witwicki examined the prospects for the National League season, the American league gets its preview on Friday.

Total pages in Thursday's edition (16)

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