Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The city is still waiting for a call for details on Sun Wave's intentions

CFTK News has an item posted to their website today that rekindles those frustrating thoughts of the Sun Wave saga and that company's less than forthright communication on the state of the Watson Island pulp mill.

An outstanding tax balance of 5.6 million dollars still is on the books for Sun Wave, with a deadline of September for delivery of payment. Should Sun Wave not make that payment by that timeframe, the City will become owners of moribund mill.

Mayor Jack Mussallem says in the CFTK article that the city is waiting for Sun Wave to make that call. Though judging by the company's recent record of communication, we suggest that the Mayor not get anchored to the phone, perhapst we should just leave the answering machine on and return the call should it ever comes in.

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