Thursday, April 02, 2009

Podunk Below the Masthead Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A trip to the mall, a review of the college's impact on the community and a plan to eliminate the bear hunt on the Queen Charlotte Islands are among the main items of the Wednesday paper.

RUPERT SQUARE HAS BEEN TAKING ON NEW LIFE--The rebirth of the Rupert Square was the highlight feature in the Wednesday edition of the Daily News, a front page article that outlined the efforts of Scott McWalter,the new mall manager.

Among the positive vibes outlined by the paper were the arrival of eight new tenants for the mall (though they only named two), the bid to attract national retailers to the city and the brighter and safer atmosphere that the mall is trying to achieve, all of that and the banishment of music from the sixties for more modern fare it appears.

Also in the Wednesday edition was a review of what the President of Northwest Community College sees in the future for northwest educational institution. Stephanie Forsyth outlined her thoughts on how the college and its numerous campuses around the northwest will fare in the economic downturn and how the college will have to adapt to the changing economic picture. She also outlined the importance of the college to the northwest from providing employment to purchase of goods and services from around the region.

If the Council of Haida Nation has its way the black bear hunts of Haida Gwaii may be a thing of the past. The Haida along with a number of other groups on the Islands are continuing with their efforts to bring forward a ban on the hunting of the black bears on the island or the Taan as they are referred to on Haida Gwaii. The Haida are still waiting for feedback from the provincial government regarding their attempts to gain a ban on the hunt, but so far there has been no reply to their inquiries.

Basketball highlighted the sports page on Wednesday, with a report on the preparations for the 2010 All Native Junior Tournament, set to be hosted by Prince Rupert in March of next year. There was also a preview of the Kitamaat Open Basketball Tournament this weekend, a double knock out tournament featuring 10,700 dollars in prize money.

The window of opportunity for political types to share the Daily News draft page space with Liberal candidate Herb Pond seems to have come to a close, the five available ad spaces on that page have all been gobbled up, with Mr. Pond as the only political candidate to purchase that spot. As we mentioned earlier there's always the Nascar page....

The paper closes with a full page pictorial of the PRSS Grad show rehearsal's, featuring a number of items from various local clothing outlets.

total pages in Wednesday's paper (16)

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