Thursday, April 16, 2009

Daily News Pressing Questions April 15, 2009

As part of their Election Coverage, the Daily News is asking questions of the candidates and printing their replies in the Wednesday and Friday editions of the paper.

The following was the "Pressing Question" for Wednesday, April15, 2009

How do we best protect our environment here on the North Coast while improving our commerce capacity?

Gary Coons -- New Democratic Party

A healthy economy depends on a healthy environment.

On Gordon Campbell's first day in office in 2001 he eliminated the Ministry of the Environment and cut environmental protection programs by 44%.

We need to take advantage of our natural resources, keep them in public hands and develop a clean affordable energy plan. (wind, tidal, etc).

Gordon Campbell's goal to lift the moratorium on offshore oil and crude oil tankers flies in the face of what British Columbians want.

The BC NDP Green Forest Plan will help with the vision of reforestation, diversification and innovation as we move forward info a green economy.

Lisa Girbav -- Green Party

An economy addicted to long distance transportation and multi-national corporations can never do a good job of protecting the environment. It is this economy that is now telling us we need to allow oil tankers to pass through our region and that we need to lower environmental standards to be more "competitive".

Instead, we need to support small business and local production of goods and services. The Green Party of Be will remove the provincial sales tax from Made in Be goods and will give support to businesses producing their own clean energy.

Herb Pond -- Liberal Party of BC

Premier Campbell is working with First Nations, business, and other stakeholders to balance employment opportunities with environmental protection. This leadership recently produced results on Haida Gwaii and the Central Coast.

While Mayor of Prince Rupert, we entered into a partner ship with Lax-Kw'Alaams, Metlakatla, Kitkatla, Hartley Bay, Port Edward and Prince Rupert to work together.

On the North Coast, the key to balancing economic opportunity with environmental protection is a stronger partnership between First Nations communities, municipalities, business and senior governments. I believed this as Mayor, as MLA I will fight to build relationships that balance our community's goals.

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