Thursday, April 02, 2009

On second thought, we'll hold off on the waterboarding...

“We do not condone the use of torture in intelligence gathering and our clear directive to our law enforcement agencies and our intelligence service is that they are not to condone to the use of torture, practice torture or knowingly use any information obtained through torture.”-- a bit of post committee damage control from the folks at CSIS.

While we were providing a fanciful vision of Rupert as a destination for any new advancements in torture by the Canadian government (write down the first letter of each paragraph for the secret decoder message), CSIS officials were doubling back on that surprising declaration of earlier this week, that torture may be a desired means of the state to save the nation.

Outlining that they believe that one of their officials may have been a little confused on the issue, the government sent CSIS Director, Jim Judd off to Parliament Hill to appear in front of the House of Commons public safety committee today to review how his official may have not quite the CSIS talking points right. “I think it's unfortunate that Mr. O'Brian may have been confused in his testimony. He will be clarifying that in a letter to the committee today," Mr. Judd went on to reassure Members of Parliament that “I know of no instance where such use of information has been made by our service.”

CSIS released their clarification letter on April Fools Day, an interesting bit of timing for sure and a choice that probably won't help the agency in the credibility department.

Perhaps like this very portal, CSIS was just having a bit of fun for the April first festivities, premature as it was. Though unlike the folks at the government agency, we at least were sure about our attempts at farce on the day thus dedicated..

Maybe this crew can help them out in their quest for closure on the bureaucratic declarations of the spooks..

Like all true Men in Black, CSIS would apparently like us all to pretend that Mr. O'Brian never existed on Tuesday...

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