Monday, April 20, 2009

Inlander demolition order gets an extension

It may be as far away as the May long weekend before the debris of the fire site of the Inlander Hotel is finally cleared away.

City Council heard the results of an environmental assessment of the site from owner Ivan Rudman, which delivered the news that because of an asbestos issue on the site an extension to the demolition time frame was required. Mr. Rudman stated that once the asbestos issues were taken care of, he believed that it would take only a couple of weeks to remove the remains of the building.

Council voted on an extension to the demolition order, but have included a requirement that Rudman provide a schedule of demolition to council by April 27th.

With an extension in place and potential asbestos removal to get underway shortly, the most optimistic date of site clearing that the owner could provide to council was perhaps by Victoria Day.

Which if proven to be the best case scenario for demolition, will make for at least one interesting sight for those city tours for May's cruise ship passengers and other visiting tourists while the work gets underway.

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