Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Chronicle of closure of the Daily News

While we have yet to hear the definitive date for the last issue of the Daily News, the feedback and farewells have already begun.

As we have for other important events and issues in the city, we offer up this archive of items that provide a snapshot of the emotions and facts of closure of the 99 year old Prince Rupert tradition.

Our blog items on the developments are highlighted in red, other information we've discovered from around the region, province and country are in blue.

The permanent link to this item can be found at the right column of the blog, under the heading of Prince Rupert Items of note.

July 16-- Farewells and Remembrances (The final edition, The epitaph)
July 16-- Farewells and Remembrances (The Final Chapter, voices of the past)
July 16-- Farewells and Remembrances of the Daily News (Closing chapter, current staff)
July 15-- Black Press adds more background on decision to close Daily News
July 14-- Farewells and Remembrances of the Daily News (Chapter Two)
July 13-- Oh Rupert, dear Rupert. How fore will thou miss us, let us count the ways
July 11-- Condolences and career advice from City Council
July 10-- Farewells and Remembrances of the Daily News (Chapter One)
July 8-- Black Press set to fade the Daily News from view
July 7-- Newspaper closing (video report from CF?K TV
July 7-- Not even worth the printing costs says Black Press of the Prince Rupert Daily News 
July 7-- Prince Rupert Daily News to Cease Publication
July 6-- Four B. C. Newspapers to Close 
July 6-- Community newspapers to closer after Black Press purchase 
July 5-- Black Press acquires 11 more B. C. community newspapers, plans to shut down four 
July 5-- Black Press to shut long-running newspapers in Nelson, Prince Rupert after acquisition Firm buys 10 papers in B.C.; to close four
July 5-- Black Press Chief Operating Officer comments on announced closure of Prince Rupert Daily News
July 3-- Black Press acquires B. C., Alberta papers
July 2-- Turning a page at the Daily News

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