Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Mercer departure continues to raise interest from afar

The Vancouver Sun's education blog has continued on with its interest in the mid year departure of former Superintendent Eric Mercer.

Following up on some previous postings on the Sun Blog on the issue, Sun reporter Janet Steffenhagen provides a bit more background on the ongoing debate in this community as to the circumstances surrounding the Mercer departure.

Quoting from a correspondence from a reader described as an "anonymous" but "well informed reader", Steffenhagen provides some timely observations on the departure and the fall out from it since February.
In the piece posted to the Sun's blog, some background is provided as to Mr. Mercer's initiatives while superintendent and then raises some points on the issues of accountability and transparency .
One interesting point of view from the contribution to the blog, is the observation that with his departure and eventual severance, perhaps a good portion of many of the cost savings instituted by Mercer during his time frame here were lost. All in the new goal of a change of direction, from the costs associated with the pursuit of that goal and from the assocaited costs surrounding the parting of ways between Superintendent and School Board.
All of which could make for some interesting feedback locally, especially if those issues and questions are ever brought up at the next budget consultation meeting planned for May 6th at the Charles Hays Library at 7:00 pm.
The full Vancouver Sun article and link to the Education blog can be found here.

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