Monday, April 06, 2009

Campaign signs and robo calls

Ah yes, the election season is underway...

We spotted a couple of Herb Pond campaign signs today, the blue and red colours of the BC Liberals and the Gordon Campbell team proclaiming the candidacy of the local standard bearer Herb Pond...

And as though to reinforce the launch of the Liberal battle plan, the first robo call of the campaign came across our CityWest landline today, a reminder from candidate Pond that his campaign team will soon be contacting me as to the issues of the day and what we would like to see in our MLA in Victoria.

So to make sure I ask all the right questions and provide the most responsible of feedback on that fateful day when "the call" comes, we've asked the fine local commentators of htmf to provide us with some talking points.

You can log on there and offer up your suggestion for when the robot is replaced by a human voice, or you can leave your suggestion in the space in comments below.

We will try not to take up too much valuable time from the campaign, but hey if they ask we'll be more than willing to try and provide a window on what the riding wishes...

We also look forward to other political campaigns to provide their input, robotically or in person, though we suspect that the personal touch might make for a more rewarding result on election day.

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