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Sailing the corporate waters of BC Ferries and the Alaska Marine Highway

We provide for your research requirements some of the Podunkian items of interest concerning all matters BC Ferries and AMHS.

From this portal we provide our archived items pertaining to BC Ferries and its operations on the North coast. Items will appear by date, most recent to past.

Items with links in this hue of blue are BC Ferries
Items with links in this hue of blue are Alaska Marine Highway


March 20-- Mayor Mussallem shares his message on BC ferries with Northwest Mayors in Terrace
March 16-- Crown to lay charges in the sinking of the Queen of the North
March 11-- Winds hold Northern Adventure in Port
March 2-- Seeking to shift vessels on the Rupert to Skidegate run
February 25-- BC Ferries says it's willing to hear Rupert's concerns
February 17-- Rupert run cancelled Monday as Alaska Marine Highway suffers technical problems
February 11-- More consultation required before BC Ferry route implementation
February 4-- Requesting a course change from Chairman Hahn
January 24-- More delays for BC Ferries
January 17-- More weather delays for BC Ferries
January 16-- Weather delays Saturday departure of the Northern Adventure


December 21-- Ferries becoming much more cautious following November nightmare 
December 17-- City Council to challenge BC Ferries plans for route changes 
December 16-- BC Ferries cancels Thursday sailing to Haida Gwaii due to weather
December 16-- BC Ferries faces a Northwest mutiny over transportation plan
December 10-- Ferry terminal part of coastal settlement 
December 2-- BC Ferries presents plans for new route 
November 28-- Transportation Safety Board launches its own investigation into Northern Adventure sailing
November 25-- BC Ferries to investigate circumstances of Northern Adventure's aborted crossing
November 24-- Northern Adventure weathers unexpected storm
November 23-- Sailing a Northern Misadventure-vessel does not belong on route, says MLA Coons
November 23-- Many questions in wake of Northern Adventure's return to port
November 23-- Stormy weather keeps Northern Adventure in port
November 21-- BC Ferries books some room at the Inn and perhaps books some controversy
November 10-- BC Ferries continues with its exploration of a possible Rupert-Vancouver link 
November 10-- A current of hubris in Mr. Hahn's replies
November 8-- The most rewarding adventures of David Hahn and his fellow travellers
October 19-- Court rules against psychological harm cases for some of the Queen of the North survivors September 10-- Crab lines still posing problems for BC Ferries 
August 31-- They may be getting a little crabby about crab traps at BC Ferries
August 29-- The continuing problems of the Northern Adventure 
August 24-- Not so fast for the Northern Adventure 
August 23-- 11 AM Sailing for BC Ferries
August 21-- BC Ferries cancels weekend sailings of the Northern Adventure 
July 23-- Growing the ferry numbers for the North
July 16-- Provincial Chamber shoulders local ferry issues
July 1-- Backlash brewing in Alaska over proposed Rupert Terminal purchase
June 28-- It's getting crowded out there on the seas 
June 19-- The Matanuska prepares for her return 
June 1-- RCMP make arrests as ferry arrives on the Charlottes
May 21-- Twice as many sailings, but still the mail only comes three times a week
May 19-- Northern Expedition is on the clock...
May 9-- Northern Adventure to be sidelined again for repairs 
May 4-- Over one thousand take the tour of the new B. C. Ferry
April 26-- Prince Rupert is the hub for two of the world's top ten ferry rides 
April 23-- Alaska Marine Highway still has Rupert Ferry dock on their purchase list 
April 21-- Wanted to a good home: one slightly aged ferry recently retired
April 20-- One era ends... and another prepares to begin..
April 19-- Northern Expedition slips alongside for a short stay 
April 16-- A Queen prepares to take her leave
April 6-- The Northern Expedition is in Northern waters
March 26-- BC Ferries reinstates Captain of the ill fated Queen of the North
March 20-- More adventures for the Northern Adventure? 
March 11-- Safety first, or into service first? 
March 9-- Our ship has almost come in...
March 8-- Sailing through the fog of information at BC Ferries 
February 28-- Will Steve Smith find some choppy waters on the way to the BC Ferries board? 
February 3-- Queen of the North court case comes to an end without any answers
February 2-- From Flensberg to Prince Rupert
February 1-- Blustery weather plays havoc with BC Ferries schedule
January 30-- All in all, they’d rather have taken a plane 
January 25-- Ferry service to Charlottes resumes two weeks early
January 23-- Mr. Hahn Begs to Differ with Mr Coons. 
January 22-- BC Ferries choppy waters of concern to MLA Coons
January 21-- Cost cutting measures put employees on the dock waving goodbye at BC Ferries 
January 16-- Sittin' by the dock of the bay, waiting for the bills to flow away 
January 11-- BC Ferries to face many questions during February trial 
January 8-- More anger directed at BC Ferries on the Charlottes

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