Friday, March 19, 2010

It's the economy (Thursday, March 18, 2010)

Blame it all on the Russians, Germany backs away from a Greek rescue and Take him down to the Paradise city, some of the items of interest for Thursday.

Globe and Mail-- Foreign demand for bonds cuts Ottawa some slack on finances
Globe and Mail-- Private TV broadcasters post first operating loss
Globe and Mail-- Alan Greenspan traces housing bubble to collapse of the Soviet Union 
National Post-- Syncrude trial goes far beyond ducks
National Post-- Loonie ripe for a correction: Rosenberg
National Post-- Tiger's return to golf gives AT&T unexpected boost 
Vancouver Sun-- Pine beetle epidemic will have continent-wide economic impact: report 
New York Times-- Germany Backtracks on Europe Rescue for Greece
New York Times-- Greenspan Concedes That the Fed Failed to Gauge the Bubble 
New York Times-- Warren Buffett Rocks Out 
USA Today-- Hard times send hotel industry into 'survival mode' 
USA Today-- Caviar demand threatens Caspian Sea sturgeon 
Guardian UK online-- Greek PM gives European leaders a week to produce rescue plan 
Guardian UK online-- Hopes for budget giveaway as February borrowing figures improve
Guardian UK online-- Government borrowing hits £12bn in February
Times online UK-- Greece threatens Europe with IMF in rescue row 
Times online UK-- Factories set to raise prices despite muted demand 
Telegraph UK online-- Greece, the euro, and the Battle of Jutland 
Telegraph UK online-- Alistair Darling boosted as public finance figures beat forecast 
Telegraph UK online-- Record numbers leave workforce 
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Shell news good for LNG 
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Small lenders back 
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Early return to budget surplus 'possible' 
People's Daily-- China to build new port to boost Inner Mongolia's coal output
People's Daily-- WB praises China's re-focus on economic restructuring 
China Daily-- China's home prices 'won't drop too much'
China Daily-- Stronger yuan not tonic for US economy
Times of India-- Pawar rules out wheat exports, favours stepping up allocation 
Times of India-- 'GDP set to rise 4-fold by 2020'

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