Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's the economy (Weekend Edition, March 27 and 28, 2010)

Looking for gold in all that ink, rumbles of a trade war and Greek problems, what Greek problems, some of the items of note for the weekend.

Globe and Mail-- LinkedIn set to open shop in Canada
Globe and Mail-- David Black, a true believer amid cries of doom
Globe and Mail-- Apple pushes back shipping of new iPad pre-orders
National Post-- Geely to buy Ford's Volvo unit for $1.8-billion
National Post-- Shale gas the new green issue
National Post-- Hello, sweetheart. Get me productivity
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver home-based firm finds a niche in small-scale globalization
New York Times-- Golf Course Designed by Tiger Woods Runs Into Problems of Its Own
New York Times-- Sony Pursues a Bold Success to Match Its Scale
New York Times-- Analysts Ask if the iPad Can Live Up to Its Hype
New York Times-- Punks and Plutocrats
USA Today-- Regulators close 2 Georgia banks, 1 in Florida
USA Today-- Top 10 S&P 500 stocks change from 2007 peak
Guardian UK online-- If the US declares economic war on China, we should all tremble
Guardian UK online-- Spell out the pain
Guardian UK online-- The chancellors debate: Pay voters the respect of an honest discussion
Telegraph UK online-- Europe has left Greece hanging in the wind
Telegraph UK online-- Germany and China's national economic policies have become a source of global concern
Telegraph UK online-- Darling's box of tricks could have been worse, but we're still in trouble
Melbourne News Herald-- Uma Thurman's box office record - $150 opening weekend
Melbourne News Herald-- Watch out, sharks about
Syndey Daily Telegraph-- Pokie giant ALH accused of 'club' rip-off 
People's Daily-- More state financial support for homegrown jumbo jet called for
People's Daily-- Russian supports China's exchange rate policy: senior banking official
China Daily-- Chinese official says China-US trade is win-win game
China Daily-- Chinese seafood traders fish for business at Boston show
Times of India-- Economy to expand by 7.4% in current fiscal: Assocham
Times of India-- Inflation to drop in 2-3 months: Montek

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