Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Still number three on their worry list, but the Arctic melt is moving up fast!

The Ports of Seattle and Tacoma have in the last couple of years identified the Port of Prince Rupert as one of the main threats to their current level of trade and for growth into the future, and while we are not their main concern, we apparently are enough of a distraction to be within the top four worries of the moment.

That was until the world's climate began to change and with the Big melt it seems comes worries that the long fabled North West Passage may one day live up to its potential as a major world trade route.

With shorter Arctic winters and less and less  ice pack to worry about, there is the potential that trade from Asia to the East coast of North America may skip the rails and transit through the northern reaches of Canada.

Today's Seattle Times features a brief look at those concerns of Seattle with a brief nod to waters even beyond Prince Rupert's beach head.

A new shake-up for shipping from Asia: The warming Arctic Ocean
Jon Talton
Seattle Times
Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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