Monday, March 29, 2010

Local supply store closes it's doors

Alas, another name to add to the departed side of our Podunkian Business Tracker, as a long time retail fixture on the north coast has closed it's doors.

Northern Industrial Sales, which for years was the location of choice for many home improvement participants as well as Prince Rupert's industrial base has ended it's retail store front operations in the city, the Closed sign posted in the front window of the store for the start of business today.

NIS was sold to NorTerra Investments in 2007 which has operated a string of similar supply stores across Northern and Western Canada after making a number of recent purchases of Independent supply stores across the west. The NorTerra website offers up a snapshot of the vast holdings under the corporate umbrella, of which the local retail operation of NIS was a part of.

The majority of the Prince Rupert stock is reportedly bound for the Terrace location which will remain open for business on a retail basis. Orders through that location will apparently be available for delivery to Prince Rupert.

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