Monday, March 29, 2010

Something went bump in the night on Haida Gwaii

Those that aren't sound sleepers may have noticed yet another shifting of the earth's plates overnight under Haida Gwaii, the USGS website is listing a 4.2 magnitude earthquake as having rumbled under the islands at 4:38 in the overnight period.

The epicentre of the latest temblor to roll through the region was to the southern tip of Haida Gwaii, some 291 kilometres south of Prince Rupert.

An earthquake listed at 4.2 is considered significant, but not likely to cause much in the way of damage. There have been few reports of any incidents of concern stemming from the overnight shifting.

The last significant quake to rumble under Haida Gwaii was on November 17, 2009 when Islanders felt the rolling from a 6.6 magnitude quake.

This most recent event has not been listed or reviewed on the Earthquake Canada website yet.

USGS Information site
Earthquakes Canada

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