Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's the Economy (Weekend Edition, March 13 and 14)

Moving the dollar towards parity, setting the stage for a showdown and China worries about bubbles, some of the items of note for the weekend.

Globe and Mail-- China fires back at currency critics
Globe and Mail-- Foreign investors drive loonie toward parity
Globe and Mail-- Freed by the feds, Telesat begins the hunt for deals
National Post-- Bond market 'highly vulnerable'
National Post-- Canada can stand tall
National Post-- Vinyl treasures
New York Times-- China Uses Rules on Global Trade to Its Advantage
New York Times-- Trade Papers Struggling in Hollywood
New York Times-- A.I.G. May Cut Bonuses by About 30%
USA Today-- Marketers make most of social media for NCAA promotions
USA Today-- Appliance rebates get hot-and-cold response from buyers
Guardian UK online-- How many economists does it take to sign a letter?
Guardian UK online-- Don't celebrate these billionaires, be horrified by their existence
Guardian UK online-- The wisdom of recycling trade surpluses
Times online-- Alistair Darling’s final roll of the dice
Times online-- Brussels closes in on Greek bailout
Telegraph UK online-- Is China's Politburo spoiling for a showdown with America?
Telegraph UK online-- The competitive pound is one of the few things we have got going for us
Telegraph UK online-- The more America huffs about the yuan, the less China will do about it
Melbourne Herald Sun-- China warns of a double-dip recession
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Perpetual under fire on ANZ deal
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Dazzling Aussie dollar heading to US$1
People's Daily-- Premier Wen says China's exit strategy must be "very cautious, flexible"
People's Daily-- Chinese Premier worries about bubble in economy
China Daily-- Premier: Chinese economy faces uncertainties
China Daily-- Taiwan will be 'orphaned' without ECFA
Times of India-- 87.37 million new jobs likely by 2015: Assocham
Times of India-- Toyota eyes 10% market share in 6-7 yrs