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Podunk Below the Masthead (Monday, March 8, 2010)

International Women's Day gains our attention this week, a look at last weeks Job Fair and Prince Rupert's business owners have a few words for city council, some of the items of the Monday news cycle.

Daily News, front page, headline story
LOCAL ACTIVITIES TURN SPOTLIGHT ON INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY -- The recognition of the 100th anniversary of Internatinal Women's Day features a number of events around Prince Rupert this week, the Daily News outlined some of those events and how the day resonates with some Rupertites.

NDP MP Nathan Cullen outlines his thoughts on last weeks federal budget, among his main concerns the lack of job creation incentives and a shift in the Conservatives agenda on environmental matters.

A review of last Friday's job fair in the city, organized by the Career Resource Centre and the Edge Youth Employment Centre, the event featured 35 potential employers or organizations outlining their needs from would be local employees.

High school sports received the full review of the Monday edition as results from the activities from the weekend of local wrestlers and the PRSS junior girls basketball team were provided, as well as a preview of the upcoming track and field season.

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Local activities turn spotlight on International Women’s Day
MP Cullen rejects federal budget
Gas tax funds to be used on landfill
Rupert’s annual job fair a great success

The Northern View
Prince Rupert business owners tell City to rescind parking bylaw, design guidelines -- The concerns of local business owners were outlined, after three of their represnetatives addressed Prince Rupert council on Monday night (see article here)

No new items were posted to the CFTK News website for Monday.

CBC News British Columbia, Daybreak North
No new items were posted to the Daybreak North website for Monday.

Queen Charlotte Islands Observer
Queen Charlotte community plan needs review --
Queen Charlotte's community plan will be looked over by an experienced municipal planner before any further steps will be taken towards introduction (see article here)

Daily News, front page, headline story
Local activities turn spotlight on International Women’s Day
By Monica Lamb-Yorski

The Daily News
Monday, March 8, 2010  

International Women’s Day, March 8, turns one hundred today.

Each year at this time, Canadians celebrate progress toward equality for women and their full participation, reflect on the current challenges and consider future steps in achieving equality for all women, in all aspects of their lives.

For local Northwest Community College student, Simbia Barnaby, it made sense to use the day to launch a series of lunchtime talks around stopping violence and letting people in the community know what services are available locally.

There will be guest speakers and presentations, open to the public, every lunch hour throughout the week at NWCC.

“Our political science instructor gave us an assignment to do something around human rights and violations,” explained Barnaby. “The theme for International Women’s Day this year is Status of Women so I thought it would be great to profile what people are doing in the community to stop violence against women and to highlight activities that are raising the status of women.”

Barnaby has heard Canada criticize other countries for huge violations against women, but believes often the country fails to recognize what’s going on at home.

“We need to clean up our own backyard before we point fingers,” Barnaby said. “We feel so strongly about our country, as we’ve just shown through the Olympics, but a lot of money was spent on that. How about spending some money shedding light on the Highway of Tears and ways to prevent more women getting killed or going missing.”

Through the lunch series, running March 8 – 12, Barnaby hopes the community will be able to determine what can be done to address the issue, even if it’s on a small scale.

Barnaby’s father’s sister was found naked and dead on the side of the highway near the Industrial Park years ago. Her father, now 63, has been trying to have his sister’s name added to the list of the Highway of Tears.

His sister was a young teenager when it happened, added Burnaby.

Cindy Wagman, Director of Development for the Canadian Women Foundation, told the Daily News Friday that her organization has entered into a partnership with Rona to raise funds to help improve the lives of Women.

Beginning March 8, up until April 4, people can make donations at the till in stores across the country, including Prince Rupert’s local outlet, Tyee Building Supplies.

Rona hopes to raise $100,000 to mark the one hundredth anniversary of International Women’s Day.

“The stores will donate the equipment, time and products to help renovate women’s shelters across the country,” said Wagman.

This year is the first of the Rona/CWF campaign. Rona approached the federation looking to make a difference in communities.

“They literally want to help women rebuild their lives,” Wagman commented.

Unfortunately violence continues to be an issue, but Wagman likes the campaign because it’s active and people feel like they are doing something.

“We’re glad to have Rona on board and even if a community doesn’t have a Rona, they will still benefit from the program.”

Wagman worked at a women’s shelter in Toronto for four years before she took the position at CWF two years ago.

“I’ve seen firsthand the impact of the dollars raised by organizations.”

Alarmingly, Wagman said there are younger and younger women showing up at shelters. Some are not staying in violent relationships, which is a good thing, but the incidence of teen abuse is escalating.

“Violence isn’t something that people talk about a lot, so it’s challenging, but one in five Canadian teens are victims of emotional, physical or sexual abuse in their romantic relationships.”

Of those, 25 percent believe that abuse is a sign of love. “It’s tough times,” said Wagman. “Technology has changed the way that teens receive abuse.

What they might call “jealousy”, where a boy is texting his girlfriend every five minutes, is actually an opportunity to control her.”

What is amazing, Wagman said, is that progress is being reached. CWF targets programs for youth on how to build healthy relationships and for women to rebuild their lives after abuse.

“Shelters are critical to provide a safe haven, and afterwards, women leaving shelters need to establish supports.”

Ready to applaud the men who are champions and give time and money to make sure CWF is making progress, Wagman said women’s issues affect everyone.

“It’s been a great privilege for me to see the active change that’s going on.”

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