Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's the economy (Wednesday, March 24, 2010)

Layoff day at Vanoc, Not many pom pom's for England's budget and Dell finds opportunity in India, some of the items of interest for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- Carney blames business for low productivity
Globe and Mail-- New Brunswick kills controversial power deal with Hydro-Qu├ębec
Globe and Mail-- Massive deficits have investors on edge
National Post-- Eurozone remains deadlocked on Greece
National Post-- China's financial bubble ready to pop
National Post-- Why the Quebec, New Brunswick power deal went sour
Vancouver Sun-- Northern B.C. mayors demand to know federal government’s plans for Ridley Terminals
Vancouver Sun-- With Olympics over, Vanoc lets go a majority of its staff
New York Times-- Financial Overhaul Is Next Priority of Democrats
New York Times-- Britons Cling to Services, Despite Debt
New York Times-- Japan, Struggling With Debt, Approves a $1 Trillion Budget
USA Today-- Changing jobs takes guts, yields good life
USA Today-- Stock market: Stocks fall on worries about rising European debt
Guardian UK online-- Budget 2010: Darling rules out 'shortsighted' spending cuts
Guardian UK online-- Budget 2010: Labour forgot industry for 13 years
Guardian UK online-- Eurozone leaders lock horns over whether to rescue Greece's economy
Times on line-- Darling's Budget: nakedly political
Times on line-- Not Flash, Not Gordon
Telegraph online UK-- Darling's 'pie in the sky' Budget continues to avoid the key issues
Telegraph online UK-- The painful truth that Alistair Darling failed to mention
Telegraph online UK-- City's verdict was swift and damning
Melbourne Herald Sun-- More job vacancies for skilled workers
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Executives regain lost riches, according to BRW magazine list
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Botany clean-up to cost Orica $63m
People's Daily-- Buy local, make globally
People's Daily-- Vice commerce minister talks trade and currency with US
China Daily-- Pawnshops cash in on rising home prices
China Daily-- Huijin applies for $50b govt injection - report
Times of India-- Direct from Dell: Big plans for India
Times of India-- Pepsico engages 12,000 farmers in contract farming

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