Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gilles Duceppe's delusions of grandeur!

Canada's silly season in politics is apparently officially under way again, with the latest dispatch from one of  the foolish ones on the Hill.

This time around, we take you to the front lines (or is that the underground ) of the never ending political battle between the sovereigntists and federalists.

Apparently with former Bloc Quebecois leader  ( and almostjustthisclose  1995 referendum winner) Lucien Bouchard's indictment of the sovereignty movement still apparently ringing in his ears, Gilles Duceppe the seemingly perpetual Inspector Clouseau of Parliament Hill has determined that his party, rather than being but a near forgotten third tier opposition party, is something just a tad more maginifique!

Indeed, in Duceppe's view he and his band of would be political saboteurs are not mere politicians anxious to gain inflated salaries, indexed pensions and generous benefits from les autres, but the brave fighters of la resistance, an apparent nod to the valiant Free French forces of World War Two's Nazi occupied France.

Now we, like anyone can enjoy a good bit of political theatre, however, this dispatch from the Duceppe front lines is, oh how shall we put this...  rather pathetic.

Maybe General Gilles really thinks he is the reincarnation of Charles DeGaulle, out there hiding in the caves, plotting manoeuvres for the streets and back alleys of Ottawa, set to take the battle to the oppressors in his mind.

But if so, one wonders how many folks would really want to follow what could generously be called the ridiculous ramblings of a disconnected buffoon.

We're not sure what's on Mr. Duceppe's reading list these days, but somehow we think if he actually bothered to read up on that particular era of world history, he might not find exact parallels between the reign of the Nazi's and the confabulations and contradicitons of Canadian confederation.

To express such sentiment and to do so as though he truly believes his own mental spasms, once again only reinforces the belief that Mr. Duceppe is but the latest in what seems like a long line of pontifical blowhards from all Canadian political disciplines.

One who likes a good political talking point, but isn't a particularly deep well when it comes to common sense and credible facts, nor does it seem that he is a flowing fountain of reality.

If nothing else, beyond the sad little attempt to boost up his own profile and that of his followers, he seems to be the living, breathing example of what Bouchard was refering to when he suggested that the sovereingty movement, in Quebec and at it's Ottawa outpost was bereft of the kind of leadership that has any chance of ever achieving their great dream of independence.
After almost twenty years of existence, the Bloc it seems has just become another retirement home for politicians, fully funded by and taking all the beneifts from the majority of those same folks that they seemingly have no use for.

Under Mr. Duceppe's stellar leadership they are at their lowest ebb in years and the sovereignty message is hardly resonating with those that Duceppe wishes would listen.

The rest of the country can only hope that Mr. Duceppe keeps up the good work, he's surely doing wonders for the cause.

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