Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In Pursuit of Potash

Digging through the back issues of our Podunkian travels we seek out the detailed revelations of all things Potash in the quest for an export Terminal for Saskatchewan's finest offerings to the world.

In this space we offer up an archive of the developments in the quest for a Potash Terminal for Prince Rupert, a much delayed process that has seen a number of twists over the last year or so.

Below some of the items from that file archived by date:


June 23-- Canpotex Update
January 28-- Getting ready to rumble in the potash patch 
January 27-- Could Potash competition benefit Prince Rupert?


December 31-- Canpotex Decision delayed
November 2 -- Canpotex negotiations are back on track
October 27-- Another twist of the Canpotex tale
October 25-- Pondering the problematic issues for potash
October 22-- Mayor Jack says that the Canpotex decision process is still on track!
October 20-- Is Rupert out of the Canpotex sweepstakes?
October 10-- Major projects for Rupert at the mercy of the recession
September 24-- Canpotex finds a welcoming ear from Rupertites
September 23-- Rupert rolled out the welcome mat for Canpotex
September 16-- You better watch out, you better not cry; you better not pout, I’m telling you why! Cause Canpotex is coming to town!
June 4-- Another Ridley project hits the slow switch

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