Thursday, March 11, 2010

Houston man identified as major Lottery winner in Northwest

The Northwest is on a bit of a lucky streak it seems, first the Daily News featured an article on Jessica Wesleyson, the Prince Rupert winner of a Toyota Rav 4 in Tim Horton's popular Roll up the Rim contest, a prize which is certainly a step above your average Tim Horton's coffee club card.

Ms. Wesleyson's lucky sip has yet to make it to the Tim Horton's website, where Canadians can follow the progress of the competition, but we imagine her claim to fame is but a few days away.

And now, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation has identified the winning ticket holder in the Northwest who will be claiming $9,500.000, half of the giant jackpot in last Friday's Lotto Max draw. Kevin Bowser of Houston will be splitting the 19 million dollar draw with Ivan Catchpaw of Abbotsford, who also had the lucky numbers that will change  financial fortunes in two locations.

For the rest of us the decisions get harder we guess, will the winning streak continue for the region or have we run the table and now must bide our time for lady luck's return.

The alignment of stars and the randomness of luck will of course in the determine that fate for us.

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