Friday, March 12, 2010

Take them out for a ball game, hoping that they get a crowd!

With Spring a promise in the air (we promise, we promise) local outdoor sports fans are making their plans for a variety of activities in 2010.

Prince Rupert Minor Soccer will soon be taking to the pitch in practice sessions, preparing for another year of Minor soccer, one of the most popular of sports in the city.

The Kaien Island Slow pitch league will also soon be ramping up for another year and if a local employee at the Parks and Recreation Department can find some help, there may be some competition for those baseball fields this summer.

In the City of Prince Rupert's e Rupert newsletter for February which appears on the city's website, is a call for interest for those that think bringing Minor Baseball back to the city is a worth another shot.

It's a sport not unknown to the city, as at one time Prince Rupert had a very active Minor Baseball League in place. The sport rivalling basketball at times as one of the most popular ones on the local agenda.

As time passed on however, soccer seems to have carved out most of the support in the community for the spring schedule, with a season that runs from April through to the end of June, shutting down just before the schools are done for the year and summer vacations kick in.

It seems to be that gap of summer time sports activiites that is being targeted by Kendal Shepard, who works as the Head Lifeguard and is a Swim Instructor at the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre.

He has taken on the task of collecting names and information of those that are willing to jump in and get involved in bringing baseball back to the community.

The league which would start after soccer would be geared towards Players ages 8-16. They are looking for interest from would be Coaches at a recommended age of 19 and above, as well as for other volunteers 16+ to help get things up and running.

More information can be found and expressions of interest delivered to him at his email address of .

Baseball at one time was one of the highlight sports of the year for many Prince Rupert youth, here's a chance to bring it back and offer up some constructive and healthy activities for youngsters during the summer season.

You have to hope that he finds success in gaining enough assistance to get the project up and running. With a little luck and some help from the community, we may soon hear our very own version of pitchers and catchers report to training camp as soon as this June!

The full announcement from the city's website can be found below, or for a link to the  City website click here.


Participants !! Coaches. !!! and/or Volunteers !!!!

My name is Kendal Shepard and I’m the Head Lifeguard at the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre. I am collecting and building a list of names of people that would be interested in starting a baseball league foundation in Prince Rupert. From this planning and demonstration of interest, the framework of a new league can be constructed. I would plan to target the end of Youth Soccer Season (mid to late June) as a target starting date.

Please inform all your local friends and family who might have the slightest interest in making this happen for all of us.

Thanks for your read time. Hope to see you all on the fields.

For Players(8-16), Coaches (recommended 19+) Volunteers (16+)
Please email me your interest of participation. Along with your name, age, gender, experience/interest in baseball and your contact information. If your child is interested in participation please ensure the legal guardians contact information is also included.

Kendal Shepard:

Please if you have any positive, suggestive, or informative feed back to not hesitate to contact me.

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