Monday, March 22, 2010

It's the economy (Monday, March 22, 2010)

Your cable/sat TV bill is bound to be more expensive now, an Olympic dividend? And there's less oil in the world than we might think, some of the items of note for Monday.

Globe and Mail-- TV gets nod to negotiate signal fees
Globe and Mail-- Winners and losers in U.S. health care
Globe and Mail-- Greek policy has been a recipe for failure
National Post-- CRTC to let cable firms, broadcasters negotiate fee
National Post-- Competition watchdog rejects realtors' overhaul
National Post-- U.S. Senate panel to vote on financial reform Monday
Vancouver Sun-- Canadians spending more time online than watching TV
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. government touts business opportunities from Olympic Games
New York Times-- Rio Tinto Workers Admit Accepting Bribes in China
New York Times-- I.M.F. More Likely to Lead Efforts for Greek Aid
New York Times-- U.S. Proposal for Bailout Tax on Banks Gains Support in Europe
USA Today-- Geithner demands that bank overhaul protect consumers
USA Today-- Greece may turn to IMF as Germany balks at eurozone aid
Guardian UK online-- Mervyn King urges system of economic 'fire breaks'
Guardian UK online-- Greece's spending cuts are making debt crisis worse, says national bank
Guardian UK online-- Next BA strike will go ahead unless talks resume soon, warns Unite
Times online UK-- The Budget and the competitiveness of the UK
Times online UK-- Alistair Darling will urge G20 to back levy on banks
Telegraph UK online-- Oil reserves 'exaggerated by one third'
Telegraph UK online-- Greece accuses Germany of 'squalid game' in debt crisis
Telegraph UK online-- Budget 2010: IoD urges Alistair Darling to heed lessons of 1997
Melbourne Sun Herald-- Albanese works on Chinese 'difficulties'
Melbourne Sun Herald-- Stern Hu pleads guilty, claims lawyer
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Rio Tinto trial opens in Shanghai
People's Daily-- Governments should be careful about stimulus exit: Stiglitz
People's Daily-- Poor working conditions lead migrants home
China Daily-- China expects 5% growth of net oil import in 2010
China Daily-- Economic rebalance biggest challenge for China: ADB president
Times of India-- The Economy’s Black Hole
Times of India-- Hiring likely to rise 15% in 2010-11: E&Y


Anonymous said...

People must first learn how to do a camel, and then can do a lion

. said...

Well close I guess, when I sent the text above through Babel Fish it came out as such:

The human wants to learn to make a camel first, then can make a lion .

All in the interpretation I guess, short of any lawsuits from camels or lions we'll let the quote stand in comments, though we're puzzled as to what it all means.

Maybe we'll start re-reading our LeCarre novels to see if we're missing any hidden meanings.