Monday, March 08, 2010

It's the economy (Monday, March 8, 2010)

The Loonie continues to soar, Portugal is next on the austerity patrol and, for England things could be worse, they could be Japan, some of the items of note for Monday.

Globe and Mail--Europe studies own monetary fund
National Post-- PDAC 2010: Miners unite against Bill C-300
Vancouver Sun-- Potential B.C. Interior drought, environment ministry warns
Vancouver Sun-- Terasen seeks 13-per-cent gas charge hike
New York Times-- Proposed European Monetary Fund Advances
New York Times-- Portugal Readies Austerity Measures
New York Times-- Greek Leader Wants to Restrict Speculative Trades
USA Today-- Gas prices match 2010 high as analysts expect $3 a gallon
USA Today-- Clinton: Greece has not asked U.S. for economic aid
Guardian UK online-- Europe bars Wall Street banks from government bond sales
Guardian UK online-- Icelandic tycoons could regain control of empire built on debt
Guardian UK online-- Hard times for British expats in the Florida sun
Times online-- Alistair Darling clashes with City over ‘leisurely approach’ to Budget
Times online-- Rejoice – the pound is down again
Telegraph UK online-- China could ease dollar currency peg says 'Dr Doom'
Telegraph UK online-- China intent on being the fastest swimmer in the new world of unconventional gas
Telegraph UK online-- Why Britain should be glad not to have Japan's problems
Melbourne Herald Sun-- BHP Billiton shakes up coking coal sales system
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Arrow Energy shares jump after takeover bid announced
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Bosses to fund Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's parental leave plan
People's Daily-- Urbanization policies to help boost domestic demands
People's Daily-- China to further expand consumption in 2010: NDRC spokesman
China Daily-- Shanghai Expo expects record participants, visitors
China Daily-- China-Russia oil pipeline to be completed this year: FM
Times of India-- Daimler to quit Tata Motors
Times of India-- Companies offer flexi options to retain women employees

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