Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's the economy (Tuesday, March 16, 2010)

China counters criticism of currency strategy, in the footsteps of Enron and Greece looks for the fine print, some of the items of note for Tuesday.

Globe and Mail-- Time between jobs longer than it used to be
Globe and Mail-- China pushes back on currency criticism
Globe and Mail-- Ottawa eyes timeliness of Toyota's auto recall
National Post-- Flaherty not flinching as loonie nears parity
National Post-- Lehman has Enron overtones
National Post-- When is copycat creative work stealing, and when is it inspiration?
New York Times-- Will China Listen?
New York Times-- Good for Europe’s Exports, Not So Good for Europe
New York Times-- Greece Eager for Details on Loans From Europe
USA Today-- Funds with gains over 100% are tempting, but dangerous
USA Today-- Dodd's 2nd shot at financial reform still leaves loopholes
Guardian UK online-- Kraft promises MPs: no job cuts in UK
Guardian UK online-- My fiscal nightmares
Guardian UK online-- Labour under pressure as Europe tells Britain: Cut deficit faster, deeper
Times online-- Deficit fears have hurt sterling, Bank warns
Times online-- It takes more than Play-Doh to plug a deficit
Telegraph UK online-- The proposed EU Greek bail-out cannot simply bypass German law
Telegraph UK online-- No more tax rises after the election? Pull the other one
Telegraph UK online-- Bank of England warns families to expect fall in living standards
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Rio Tinto sees good fortune with China
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Rivalry among banks is back, says Treasury Secretary Ken Henry

Sydney DailyTelegraph-- RBA lifted rates on strong economy; concerned over Greece
People's Daily-- Consumer complaints hit new high in 2009
People's Daily-- Entrepreneur: China's private enterprises have not hit bottom
China Daily-- China's trade surplus with US misread
China Daily-- China trims holdings of US Treasury securities
Times of India-- India to be fastest growing economy by 2018: Economist
Times of India-- TVS plans to expand capacity

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