Friday, March 13, 2009

When Mad Money meets Thunder dome

“Two men enter, one man leaves”

Jon Stewart took on the culture of fast Money and shaky financial forecasting on Thursday night as CNBC host Jim Cramer appeared as a guest on the Daily Show, and one suspects that this morning he’s asking himself “what was I thinking”.

After a half hour grilling which perhaps Members of the US Congress should consult for future use, the champion of CNBC’s financial network was thoroughly taken to task for how they have covered the current financial crisis.

Some might say that they have aided and abetted some of the most nefarious of the financial class, not asking the toughest of questions as to how billions and billions of dollars have evaporated, leaving investors devastated, all while corporate executives sit back and wait for the government to bail them out with billions, trillions and who knows if perhaps zillions may not be spent to bail out the greed of the financial set.

Over the last week Stewart has been unmerciful in his commentary and contempt for some of the talking heads of CNBC, showcasing some of their less than sage moments of financial examination and for the lack of accountability for which they made those financial kings responsible for. For the last week Stewart has been tackling some of that networks largest stars, none larger and none challenged more intensely than the host of Mad Money...

Thursday night, Cramer took his lumps, chastened by his own clips which Stewart showed one after the other, asking the kind of questions that perhaps the on air hosts of CNBC should have been asking of the business leaders that appear on their programs.

If you missed the fireworks, it has become a sensation on YouTube, the two part session of inquisition forever digitally stored for our research and entertainment…

Part One

Part Two

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