Saturday, March 28, 2009

Anyone know the name of a good plumber?

The aging infrastructure of the Watson Island pulp mill is certainly showing it's wear and tear these days, the pipeline that feeds water into the moribund pulp mill has begun to spring some leaks along the portions visible along the road to Port Edward and in the above picture a serious geyser has developed in the line heading onto the pulp mill property.

The mill currently in the hands of Chinese owners has been the topic of much mystery and controversy of late, as the Sun Wave group keeps any plans or inclinations that they may have for the property close to their vest.

The most recent discussions were over the rate of taxes expected by the City of Prince Rupert from Sun Wave after they failed to have the mill up and operating by the agreed upon deadline.
Since that time the latest from their offices (wherever they may be) had them approaching BC Assessment for a more favourable assessment ruling, judging by the state of their pipelines, a plumbers bill might be the next item that they will be looking to renegotiate.

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