Thursday, March 12, 2009

100 Signatures to a campaign

The Green Party of British Columbia is hopeful that 100 North Coast voters will sign on with the nomination process, so as to ensure that their prospective candidate Lisa Girbav is able to compete in the provincial election this spring.

Girbav was introduced this week as the Green Party's choice to contest the seat currently held by incumbent NDP MLA Gary Coons, if she successfully gains those 100 names she will turn the campaign into a three way race joining Liberal candidate Herb Pond in the quest for Mr. Coons seat.

The Green party website describes the 19 year old Charles Hays grad as "an active member in her community for several years, volunteering with groups such as the Kaien Island Youth Council and the Prince Rupert Minor Hockey Association."

Her ambitions for the North Coast are for the region become more self-sustainable and to develop a green infrastructure which will create jobs and opportunities for cleaner living.

In an article with the Daily News on Wednesday she outlined some of her goals for the North Coast, which include securing a Liquid Wast System for Prince Rupert and finding ways to assist the residents of Haida Gwaii migrate away from diesel generated plants and towards more sustainable energy offerings.

Mindful of her age, especially compared to the more established of politicians in the region the party is most likely hoping that her enthusiasm and dedication to the causes of the Green Party will win over North Coast voters.

The road ahead is probably a steep one for her, in the 2005 provincial election the Green Party candidate Hondo Arendt picked up only 5 per cent of the vote tallying 597 votes. Mr. Coons won the riding with 53.8 per cent of the vote with 5621 ballots in his favour compared to the 4014 votes cast in favour of the incumbent MLA, Liberal candidate Bill Belsey.

The Green Party and their leader Jane Sterk are still seeking their first MLA to hold a seat in the Legislature, Ms. Girbav will be doing her best we're sure to try and accomplish that bit of history for her party, for now though it's first things first and those 100 names.

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