Saturday, March 28, 2009

Podunk Below the Masthead Thursday, March 26, 2009

A captain returns to the fleet, Port Ed wonders about economic development and some bowlers hit the fast lanes, some of the items in the Thursday Daily News.

WORKSAFE BC SAYS THE CAPTAIN SAILS AGAIN-- The latest developments in the Queen of the North saga receive front page treatment as the Daily News recounts the return of Captain Colin Henthorne, who was captain of the Queen of the North, but not on watch on the night of the ill fated vessels sinking.

Worksafe BC ruled that Captain Henthorne had been discriminated against by BC Ferries and should be reinstated to his position. It was a story we outlined on this portal in the very wee hours of Thursday morning , in it's review of the details of the reinstatement the Daily News uses that ages old newspaper cliche of "The Daily News has learned"... with more than a curious eye, we wonder from where ever they may have learned of the story.
Also in Thursday's paper, some of the folks in Port Edward are curious as to what might be the best way to go about spurring on economic development on the North coast, suggesting that the current model may not be working in Port Edward's best interest. Highlighting a split of sorts between members of Port Edward council and staff and perhaps between Prince Rupert and Port Edward, on the vital need for a comprehensive approach to economic development. Port Edward councillor Knut Bjorndahl is the leading proponent of a change in the model in place and questioning the process in place, a move which led to a heated debate in Port Edward chambers.

The Sports page featured details of the success of some local bowlers in Terrace and the next step of the provincials for the, the article once again raised the possibility of Totem Lanes closing a move that would leave local bowlers without a venue for their talents. As well, it being Thursday the paper once again kept Nascar fans up to date with their weekly review of the details of the Nascar circuit. A feature that while interesting, may not be picking up much in the way of attention from a town more inclined towards hockey and basketball.

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