Thursday, March 19, 2009

Some delegates call for changes in voting structure on BCTF motions

There appear to be some lingering hard feelings over the call last year to boycott the FSA testing as outlined by the BCTF.

Federation members meeting this week have been debating a number of motions on BCTF issues, but none more controversial than a bid by some to have a two thirds majority required on votes on issues that will result in collective action.
There was also a call for more time for debate on the contentious issues such as the boycott proposal that was introduced by the PRDTU last year and which won narrow approval at last years AGM, which saw the boycott initiative approved by only 51.1 per cent in a closed door meetin, but later endorsed by 85 per cent of those that voted after the Federation came out of closed session.

One delegate outlined her thoughts on that high endorsement number by stating that some 20,000 teachers didn't bother to vote on it. The issue proved to be the hot button item on the agenda, with the Prince Rupert Representative Joanna Larson quoted as suggesting that the two thirds majority requirement was the most anti democratic motion put forward at the meeting.

The Vancouver Sun outlines some of the background on the review of events and highlights some of the controversy over the issue.

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