Monday, March 02, 2009

Reinventing Podunk Below the Masthead

We have decided to take advantage of our recent one week sabbatical from blogging to change one of our regular features on the blog.

Over the next few days our Podunk Below the Masthead section will be changing from a full review of the main stories of the Daily News to more of a "Coles Notes" version if you will, of each days news offerings.

We will still highlight the day's lead story and if something else should prove to be newsworthy from the newly redesigned and refocused Daily News, then we will outline those as well. Items will resemble a capsule form and may allow for us to track any other items of notice from the paper in one block of information.

In addition, this will allow us to feature other media outlet reports that may be of interest, including the weekly offering of The Northern View.

Finally, having reduced our review to but a thumbnail sketch we will be able to return to our original goal of seeking out items of interest and providing a different take than sometimes can be found in local media.

The process will begin with a bit of catch up as we focus in on the last week of items that we managed to let slide while the flu held us captive. Bear with us as we run a string of reviews in order to get up to speed on our lost week of blogging.

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