Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fox News, as out of touch with reality as ever...

It's enough to make you shake your head with the realization that many of those narcissistic American neighbours of ours really haven't learned a damn thing over the years. And while we understand that what appears on Fox doesn't necessarily reflect America, it does none the less provide a window into a how a good portion of that nation views the world and it seems the contributions of their neighbours and fellow citizens of the wider world...

The Fox News program the "Red Eye" is getting far more attention than it truly deserves after the mocking tones of a news item about the Canadian Forces, in which our smug little self absorbed panelists make much humour at the expense of one of the few American allies that actually is sharing in some of the heavy lifting in Afghanistan these days.

Watch them as they mock, watch them roll their eyes, listen to their guffaws, a communal sense of sophomoric glee, all of them apparently oblivious to a growing death toll of Canadian soldiers, a group so impressed with their own self importance that they fail to realize that their country short of friends as it is, doesn't do very much lately to make sure that the one's they have find common ground with them.

It's not an uncommon thing at Fox, the land of the America Firster's clearly unschooled in the concept of a larger world, lost in the bluster of their own infantile attempts at humour.

The Black eye, er Red Eye is one of the more obnoxious of Fox shows, not an easy thing for a channel that offers up the suddenly histrionic and more than nutty ramblings of Glen Beck as one of its bell weather hosts, but this latest Red Eye episode provides ample evidence of the boorishness that seems to embody all that Fox News has to offer.

Not that they bother researching these things, but as they were offering up their caustic little synopsis of Canada yet more Canadians were dying in Afghanistan. So far during Canada's contribution to the stability of Afghanistan 116 Canadians have lost their lives, a total that is in the thoughts of every Canadian every single day.

A nation that mourns for it's lost sons and daughters with the heaviest of hearts, and a nation which we are sure is rather sickened at what passes for commentary from the likes of the many, many morons at Fox and those that consider this as the best in journalism.

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