Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Podunk Below the Masthead Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A good Samaritan recounts his tale of assistance on a Saturday afternoon and our friends at China Paper get that long distance thing happening with BC assessment, the two key stories from Tuesday's Daily News.

PRINCE RUPERT MAN AIDS AT LOGGING TRUCK ACCIDENT-- A Prince Rupert resident was at the right place, at the right time this Saturday past, as Steve Lehnert provided two accident victims a ride to the Terrace Hospital. Lenhert was driving along Highway 16 on Saturday when he came across the accident scene about 50 km west of Terrace. The single vehicle accident left a logging truck on its side with its load scattered along the side of the highway, Lenhert provided the front page photo for Tuesday's paper.

Among the other items in the paper was yet the latest chapter in the long running saga of the China Paper Group, the rather absentee landlords of the old Skeena Cellulose mill.

They recently were in discussion with the BC Assessment appeals board, all part of the process of preparation for a full meeting to discuss the worth of the industrial site out by Port Edward. The article explains that Mayor Jack Mussallem says that the city had no input in the process and won't have any indication as to the outcome until the final decision is made. The assessment deliberations could have an impact on the city's finances, as if the property is reduced in value the mill rate on the property could mean less taxes coming into city coffers.

So far the city has had to forgo some 11 million dollars in tax revenue from the mill, money already spent but never received from previous mill owners. As for China Paper, the company reportedly owes some taxes from 2006 as well as a full tax bill from 2007 and judging by their intervention with BC Assessment, it might not be a bonus year for collections for 2008 either.

Page three recounts some of the recent rough days for Louie Belas, providing some background on the string of misfortune that has been his lot in recent years.

Page five featured half page review of Spectrum City and their preparations for the upcoming Celtic Night.

Page six offers up a preview of the PRSS Rainmakers bid to claim the AA basketball championship in Kamloops, while the Junior Rainmakers travel to Duncan for the junior championship set to start on Thursday.

Total pages for Tuesday's paper (12)

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