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Podunk Below the Masthead, March 6, 2009

More fire coverage highlighted the Friday edition of the Daily News, though press deadlines being what they are, the breaking news of the arrest of four suspects in the Inlander fire will just have to wait until Monday's edition.

While not quite all encompassing as the Thursday issue provided, the fire still led the news with the front page headline story of the day.

ARSON SUSPECTED IN THE INLANDER HOTEL FIRE-- While the Northern View was breaking details on line about the arrest of one adult and three young offenders alleged to have set the fire, the Daily was reviewing Wednesday nights events and highlighting the suspicious nature of the fire as outlined by the RCMP.

With no hydro or gas running into the building at the time, the prospect of it being arson was considered strong. The Daily reviewed the investigation so far, though having gone to press before the day's big announcement those suspicion will have to wait until Monday to be confirmed under their masthead.

Other items found in the Friday edition included a story on the invasion of a number of aquatic species to local waters, something that may not be particularly healthy for the current species that call our waters home.

Page three featured a story we first outlined here on the blog back on Wednesday, that of the pending closure of the Nav Canada Flight Service Station at Seal Cove.

The Daily item featured commentary from Mayor Jack Mussallem who says that the city received notice about one month ago and fired off a letter to Nav Canada at that time, but has yet to receive a reply. He expressed his concern over safety issues and service to airlines and believes that the station should stay, likewise NDP MP Nathan Cullen has vowed to fight the closure, suggesting that Nav Canada was out of control.

Page three also featured a contributed piece from North Coast MLA Gary Coons on the need for a public inquiry into the sinking of the Queen of the North.

The Letters to the Editor page featured a short note from former Mayor Herb Pond, who expressed his regrets at the departure of Earle Gale from the pages of the Daily News

The Sports section featured almost a full page review of a group of Rupertites who went on a January golfing tour of Vietnam.

Three pages of baby pictures ranging from 2004 to 2009, rambled over pages 10,11 and 12.

While International Women's Day coming up on Monday March 8th was celebrated with short biographies of local women as selected by the Daily News.

Total pages for Friday's paper (20)

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