Saturday, March 28, 2009

A hiring for City Hall that goes controversy free

Last weeks City council gathering featured the introduction of the city's latest in senior administrators, as Robert Grodecki was made welcome to the City Hall family.

Mr. Grodecki most recently of the Metlakatla Band Council offices, where he worked for over four years, will take over his duties as the City's corporate administrator on April 6th. Trading in the daily sailing across the harbour for a shorter drive to the office and perhaps even his own personal parking spot.

The hiring process this time around seems to have avoided the same kind of excitement that last years hiring of Tanalee Hesse provided, no unorthodox moves from the Mayor's office to raise eyebrows, no meetings of concerned citizens and no provincial coverage of the fall out from the decision to add to the city hall staff.

One imagines that all the proper procedures were followed this time, mindful of the lessons learned from August of 2008. Though in a wee bit of irony, Mr. Grodecki will take over the duties of Douglas Jay.
Mr. Jay left the city's employ after the fall out of the August controversy and amidst much behind the scenes discussion. A situation which to this day has left more than a few citizens concerned about the curtain of secrecy that sometimes envelopes the happenings of city hall.

In fact it could be owing to that perception of secrecy that this most recent hiring has been trumpeted to a degree on the city's very own website, where the announcement announcing Mr. Grodecki's arrival at city hall was featured on line.

Much like the new design of the Daily News and taking a page from their editorial turn, the city it seems is ready to accentuate the positive, no doubt with the hope that they have put the negatives behind them.

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